5 EASY TIPS to Make Laundry Chores Less Stressful

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Between school schedules, running a business, and keeping after three children, doing laundry is last to do on my chores list. These five easy tips to make laundry chores less stressful will help streamline your household chores, and maybe get a little help in doing them! PLUS check out how to save $3 off Tide PODS below!

tips to make laundry chores less stressful

As much as I wish I could tell you all to wash less clothes, I know sometimes that is not possible! Especially if you have children in the family or a spouse with a messy career! Many times, however, we do wash clothes that probably could be re-used several times over so keep this in mind before you toss your outfits in the hamper!

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Here are 5 easy tips to make laundry chores less stressful:

1. The convenience of Tide PODS is off the charts!

one Tide PODS held by hand

Once upon a time I tried saving money by buying cheap laundry detergent. Then my rough and tumble messy boys were born and my laundry room has never been the same since! So I decided to try and make my own laundry detergent since there are so many DIY laundry detergent recipes out there.

But nothing comes even remotely close the #1 Stain Removal* AND #1 Odor Removal* laundry detergent like Tide PODS! In fact, nothing saves me more time than using Tide PODS either! No more measuring detergent, spilling liquid, or even large clunky bottles. Just throw one Tide PODS in per wash – it literally takes a split second! 

2. Delegate tasks!

It can be hard to ask for help! Sometimes if you want things done right it’s easier to do it yourself. But even kids of the youngest ages can help you make piles and sort through laundry or match socks. Whether it’s asking a spouse to fold the laundry or having your children move the laundry from the washer to the dryer, there are plenty of ways that everyone in the family can help make laundry chores just a little bit easier.

3. Have everything within an arms reach!

With an autoimmune disease and plenty of fatigue for all of us, I am all about streamlining my laundry chores process! I set everything that I need up within an arms reach of where I stand to do the laundry! That means when I’m standing at the washing machine I can easily grab my Tide PODS laundry detergent, stain removes, fabric softener, dryer sheets, or anything else that I will immediately need to finish doing the laundry!

safety lid of Tide PODS Laundry Detergent
Tide PODS containers now comes with a special safety Child Guard lid!

4. Keep a hamper close by for clean laundry!

Why I never thought of this before the last year is beyond me! I bought an extra laundry hamper that specifically STAYS in the laundry room! WHY?! It is my hamper that clean clothes from the dryer goes into, and then I transport and dump the clothes somewhere else. The hamper always goes back right away so it’s there for next time! There’s nothing I hate more than having to empty the dryer and carry (and drop!) armfuls of laundry from room to room!

5. Learn your laundry pattern!

women holding pile of knitted winter sweaters

Do you prefer to do one load of laundry per day? Or maybe you’re like me and you prefer to power through ALL of the laundry, pile it in big heaps, and then be done with it for a week! Learning how you prefer to do your laundry chores can help you stay in a pattern that will be less stressful for you! Stick to your preferred pattern of cleaning and things will go smoother for you!

My husband and I, however, have opposite laundry patterns and preferences so things can get tricky! We have grace for how the other one does laundry and we don’t complain if we don’t have to do it! But most of the time we are just in survival mode and trying to get household chores done no matter how it happens!

Tide PODS Laundry Detergent on bath towel

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