Unleashing the Creativity in Your Child #makewonder

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This video from Wonder Workshop really hits home with me – it’s exactly how I was a kid (and how I want my children to be)! Watch it & tell me if you feel the same way….

If you were anything like me I’m sure you can share stories of all the fun and crazy things you created as a kid when simply left to your own devices! I know my sister and I came up with all sorts of creative things as a child. I even remember fixing my mom’s broken VCR (back in the day….) when I was in elementary school because she allowed me to grab a screwdriver and take it apart to figure out what was wrong with it! Now I encourage my kids to do the same! I rarely say “no” to their crazy antics because I want to encourage their ingenuity. Not only are they usually busy for hours but I’m thrilled to see what they come up with and their excitement over their projects! If what they wanted to do doesn’t work properly we figure out a way to make it work or turn it into a whole new project!

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Children are curious and really thrive on exploration. I know I sure did as a child and my children do too. It’s amazing what a child’s boredom can turn into when left to his own creative devices! I’m always fascinated with how my children think and the  pretty awesome ideas they come up with. When left with a problem a child can come up with incredible ways to solve it that you would have never dreamed of! As my kids get older it’s fun to see their interests change and grow. I keep an entire section in my office of odds & ends and craft supplies that my kids love digging through to create their own objects. From robots to catapults they’ve come up with all sorts of creations!

dash and dot robot for kids
Dash & Dot by Wonder Workshop

Technology is a fabulous tool that can help unleash creativity but below are 5 activities that can encourage your children to explore and boost their creativity that don’t necessarily require electronics.

1. Take apart old appliances…..and put them back together again! Not only are you feeding the curiosity of what’s actually inside the appliance but you’re offering them the challenge to see if they can put it back together again!

2. Build a secret clubhouse together incorporating your children’s designs and desires. Add pulleys, secret compartments, and spy ware! If you ever wanted to see your child’s imagination come alive just tell them you want to build them a secret clubhouse! Have them come up with their wildest dreams for a clubhouse and then see what you can build together! (make sure a parent secures the frame though!) If you live in an apartment create a semi-permanent indoor fort in a corner!

3. Robots Robots Robots! My boys are fascinated by robots! Look for a simple programming robot based on your child’s age/ability level to work with. Soon we will be reviewing Dash & Dot by Wonder Workshop geared for ages 5+ and I can hardly wait to see how it works! It’s not only fun but it’s educational too! Kids as young as 5 years old can program their robot to do all sorts of tasks!

4. Create an obstacle course that must be completed through team work. Put your child’s problem solving skills to the test and watch them complete an obstacle course that must be completed using team work! Ideas may be to incorporate a wheelbarrow, tied hands together, only using one hand, etc.

5. Puzzles & Building Sets – Work your child’s brain (and your own!) by challenging them with puzzles, optical illusions, “magic”, and building sets. You can really put your kids to the test by having them build mini-roller coasters and other creative ideas to see what works, what doesn’t and why it doesn’t. Have them create their own fishing pole, their own slingshot, a marble run, etc.

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