Tinkertoy 30 Model Super Building Set Toy Review

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Tinkertoy KNEX kids toys

Tinkertoy is one of those classic childhood toys that I remember spending hours with. The little wooden rods and wheels – I could build SO many things with them!! Now Tinkertoy is made out of plastic and I actually love them this way because you can bend some of the pieces giving you far more creative ways to build! Plus these pieces are nice and big for small hands to grip. This 200 piece set comes with instructions for 30 different models from incredibly detailed to simple! It includes spools, rods, flags, washers, end caps and more and can easily be combined with any other Tinkertoy set.

Tinkertoy KNEX kids toys

My five year old absolutely ADORES Tinkertoy and he wanted to build just about everything in the instructional book. All of these bright colors just made me want to grab the pieces myself and begin creating! We actually were able to build several (smaller) things from the book at once without needing to tear it apart for the pieces. Below you can see on the manual a bridge, car, and even a swing! We live in a very strong Dutch community area and in town there is a beautiful functional windmill that actually came from Holland. In fact the week before we received these Tinkertoy to play with my son’s entire school took a field trip to our windmill to learn how it works so when he saw a windmill in the Tinkertoy Instruction Manual that was the first thing he wanted to build!

Tinkertoy KNEX kids toys

Not only does the windmill actually spin and work but it is HUGE! I was definitely not prepared for how large this windmill was! It was extremely simple to build and my son and I were able to put it together as a team in just a few minutes. I love the bright colors and the parts stay in place without falling apart. This is such a great toy for younger kids! It would be great for a daycare, preschool, or kindergarten class to use in their spare time!

Tinkertoy KNEX kids toys


I’m not quite sure why but my son was also obsessed with building this arrow which he built by himself! I loved that the instruction manual had very simple options like this as well as more advanced options. This set is certainly large enough for several children to create their own designs at once. The pieces are virtually indestructible and all easily fit back inside the box that they came in. I definitely recommend this for about ages 3-6 although older kids of course can use it as well. MADE IN THE USA.

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