LEGO Star Wars ZipBin Millennium Falcon Minifigure Storage Case by Neat-Oh!

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Spring is upon us and that means a WHOLE lot of spring cleaning in this house! And if you have boys (or even girls) in your house you probably have LEGOs all over the place! I had the great opportunity to meet up with Neat-Oh! at Toy Fair in February and they make the fantastic ZipBin products where you can zip, store, and play! Above you see pictured the LEGO Star Wars ZipBin Millennium Falcon Minifigure Storage Case. If you (or your kids!) love Star Wars OR LEGOS – this is the storage case for you!



This storage container zips open and holds 200 bricks PLUS it has 23 pockets for your LEGO minifigures. It’s a great way to keep your sets organized! The container isn’t too large so you don’t have to worry about this huge bulky carry case.


The container itself is very durable and has a nice carrying handle on one side. I also liked that it can be easily wiped off if something dirty gets on it. In my house, especially when it comes to kid’s products, anything with an easy to wipe surface is a plus in my book!



There are Star Wars and LEGO graphics on all sides of the storage container, the top, bottom, sides, inside and out. 


This is the super cool pockets for your minifigures. What an ingenious idea! The minifigures fit neatly in these little pockets and stayed put as my kids carried their case around. My son treats his minifigures like they are special treats and so when he saw these pockets on the side he was thrilled and quickly got to work organizing his little LEGOs. 


Here is a full shot of the inside of the storage container. It’s a nice size but is small enough to easily throw in a backpack or carry to grandma’s house. And it is especially great for road trips and carrying your LEGO’s to your friend’s house! There are of course a zillion places you can carry this ZipBin. 

This is a fantastic LEGO storage container! If you are a Star Wars nut they have a variety of other Star Wars storage bins and playmats too. NOT a Star Wars fan? They’ve got plenty of other LEGO ZipBins for you too! The prices typically run on average about $15-$20 depending on size and design of course. I found that these containers are MUCH better than trying to store our LEGOs in plastic tubs where the lids fall off if they are dropped on the floor, and way better than trying to store them in their original boxes since the little pieces fall out all over the place! Plus the kids seemed complain less about cleaning up their mess since they had a nicer storage container to store their pieces in too.


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