Creative Adult Coloring Books at Oriental Trading

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GUESS WHAT gals?! Oriental Trading NOW carries those ever popular adult coloring books – and they are gorgeous! There are TONS of options too! Whether you are looking for animals, whimsical, USA/world attractions, Celtic, activity coloring, mirrored, mosaics, or whatever your patterned fancy may be there’s a really strong chance you’ll find it at Oriental Trading! They sent me the 3 above books which were actually the first set of adult coloring books I’ve ever had! You can find those specific books here: Celtic Flowers, Fantastical Styles: Flowers and Ocean.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that there is a massive movement in desiring relaxation and checking out and with these new adult coloring books they are a pretty effective therapy for a lot of people to unwind! I wasn’t sure what I’d think since I don’t have much extra time to just “sit and color” but I have to admit – once I started it was awfully hard to stop! There’s something about the methodical pattern to coloring and the freedom to be perhaps a little more creative than you were as a kid that really gets me!


Look at this fun little fellow! Once my kids saw how intricate the designs were they were begging to have a sheet to color! I loved that these books are 1 sided and the pages are thicker so you don’t have to worry about pressing too hard, although I like the Crayola Twistables for a softer touch. And I also loved that my boys – who HATE coloring and 1 has a fine motor skills delay – both wanted a chance to use the fancy new coloring books!

Definitely browse around and check out the new coloring books at Oriental Trading! Oriental Trading! I bet you won’t be disappointed!

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