Stone Soup Cooperative Learning Game

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Stone Soup, a new game that has just been launched by Peaceable Kingdom Press, is a brightly colored game geared for ages 5+ years old. The great thing about this game? There is NO reading required so any age can play! The other great thing is- it’s a cooperative learning game!
What exactly is a cooperative learning game?
A cooperative game is a game where ALL players play TOGETHER to meet a common goal, or in this case- win the game! Instead of the traditional games where you play indiviually to win, everyone has to play together to win- you either ALL win or you ALL lose!
The game comes with “Fire Out” cards & vegetable cards (see above), as well as a magic stone card (evidently I didn’t get a picture of it!!). The instructions are very simple- build stone soup before all of the fire is built! How do you do that? Basically you lay ALL of the cards mixed up face down so that you cannot see what is on each card. Each child/student will have a turn to flip 2 cards over. The point is to find 2 matching cards. If you have 2 matching veggies, you can place them in the pot of soup (on the board). If you do not have a match, you must lay them face-down again. If you pick up a “Fire Out” card you must place it in the designated spot underneath the pot on the board game. If you fill up all of the Fire Out spots before the soup is completely built you lose. You ALL lose- it’s a teamwork game! There is a special Magic stone card, however, that you can use once instead of placing a fire card down.



As with all of Peaceable Kingdom Press’s new cooperative games, Stone Soup is 100% green &
are all printed with FSC papers & soy-based inks.
All of the games I received from Peaceable Kingdom Press were sent over to my husband’s elementary school to try out in the classroom. They were put into K-5 through 2nd grade classrooms. This particular game went into my husband’s 2nd grade classroom.
What did the kids think? They LOVED it! They asked him constantly to play Stone Soup. Knowing how much his school needed a game like this, my hubby couldn’t wait to try the games out in the classroom. The first time the students played together my husband was extremely irritated at the students because the kids were more interested in collecting the most pieces and causing the team to lose, than they were interested in working together to all win. They totally missed the whole point of the game. He kept reminding them that it doesn’t matter who has the most pieces- you either ALL win or you ALL lose. After a few rounds of battling against each other, the students started finally playing together- and working as a team to win. My husband slowly started to see his bickering students turn into helpful teammates.
We highly recommend this cooperative learning game from Peaceable Kingdom Press! It is a lot of fun, is fantastic at getting the kids to work together, and is very simple to understand!! You can buy Stone Soup on Amazon here! This is a really fun game to play at home with your kids, and perfect even in a classroom setting in smaller groups. Peaceable Kingdom Press has just released 6 new cooperative learning games including this one if you’re looking for a different age group/game.
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. All opinions are mine & the teachers involved. I received a game in order to form my own opinions for this review.

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