Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifier Review

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**UPDATE** – After 7 years (yes YEARS!) of using the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifier I HIGHLY recommend it! I know the initial cost is a bit steep but it’s 10000% worth it! It still looks and works like a brand new product 7 years later and has moved all over the country with us! Read below for the initial post:

One thing my kids have struggled with since they were babies was horrible allergies and asthma induced by allergies. I thought maybe it was just because we lived in Florida and it was always hot and full of pollen. But when we moved to Iowa I realized that their allergies got even worse!  I couldn’t believe it!

Not only do we have farm animals all over the place here including a herd of cows and ponies out back, but in the fall the dust is so thick it’s practically visible from the combines harvesting the fields. Not to mention all of the goldenrod and spring pollen flying about.

I’m not even kidding! You just would not believe the dust that finds it’s way into my house and my kitchen DAILY!

Since moving up here to Iowa we have befriended many farmers who are more than happy to let my kids hop up in the tractors with them as they harvest the fields. What you can’t see in this photo is that my kids are riding in the front of this combine. By the time the kids come back home after harvesting fields their noses are completely blocked and their eyes are red and itchy.

And if that’s not enough to offset their allergies and asthma – meet our furry family!

Currently we have 2 cats, a German Shepherd and a pot belly pig – all of which constantly go in and out of our house! Not to mention sleeping in my kids room! By next year we will be adding (outside thankfully!) a bunny and 15 chickens. So as you can see we have plenty of junk flying around in our air upsetting stuffy noses and coughs throughout the year!

POLLEN, DUST, DANDER, VIRUSES, and who KNOWS what else! In the past we have purchased a few small air purifiers hoping to offset the allergies which has helped some, but they just weren’t doing a good enough job. I even tried throwing a humidifier in the mix to help things out and it was a complete disaster! It was TOO moist and ended up growing mold! ACK!

So when Best Buy let me know that Sharp would be sending me an air purifier I was relieved. More than that – I was desperate! Who wants their kids to be chalked full of medicines, steroids, cough syrup, nasal sprays and whatever else you get desperate enough to try! Not to mention how crabby they get when they don’t feel good. And let’s be honest – my kids allergies & asthma drive me nuts, but I fight with allergies too. I couldn’t wait to see what Sharp was going to send me – I knew it had to be better than what we were doing.

WHOA! When the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidier showed up at my door I was in awe. Never had we had such a fancy air purifier (not to mention WITH a built in humidier) before! I didn’t even know what to think of this beast! I immediately opened up the box and set it up in my kids (messy!) bedroom. You can even see our pig crate behind the air purifier – this was definitely the best place to start!

Once I had it plugging in and running I pulled out all of the paper work to figure out just what this thing could do. It features a 3 stage filter system WITH a HEPA filter which removes 99.97% of pollen, mold, dust and dander from the air and is designed to cover a 254 sq. ft. room. PLUS (and I didn’t realize this at first) it actually freshens the air.

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier Best Buy

I walked into my kids room the next morning and was confused. Their room never really smelled bad, but when I walked in it smelled GOOD! I knew I hadn’t sprayed anything in their room because I don’t use aerosols around the kids but their room smelled surprisingly incredible! The more I read on our new Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier I learned that the Plasmacluster technology actually splits the water molecules into positive and negative ions that freshen the air.

So the next day I decided to take this thing apart and learn a little more about it because it seemed a little complicated since it offers so much.

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier Best Buy

WHOA! I don’t even know how they put all of this machine together – it’s like an enigma! Things just kept appearing as I started pulling more drawers and handles open! Thank goodness the air purifier is completely automatic otherwise I would be lost! Our previous little air purifiers ionized particles, which basically meant that it weighed down things to the ground like germs and dust. So I constantly vacuumed knowing that it didn’t get rid of anything, it just helped keep it from being airborne.

But what about kids and babies who are all over the floor? They are essentially sitting in that invisible mess! The Plasmacluter ion technology actually KILLS the germs, bacteria, viruses, mold and other junk. My favorite part? The humidifier automatically regulates itself depending on what the moisture in the air is. I don’t have to worry about it being to moist in the air or running the machine too much! Plus it’s so easy to add water that my kids do it themselves.

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier Best Buy

And check out this filter system! At first I was shocked that there were three different filters including a deodorizing charcoal filter in the middle, but then my mind started to wonder – how the heck am I going to afford to replace these filters every year? And not only that but when I saw the price of these filters I almost flipped. There are two different filters to replace and they run roughly $50-$100 PER filter.

At first I kind of flipped out about that BUT these filters only need to be replaced every 2-5 years – NOT yearly! That made me feel a whole lot better! To be honest we spend hundreds of dollars each year on my kids allergies/asthma which turn into ear infections, ear drum ruptures, sinus issues, more meds, etc. I would MUCH rather buy two new filters every few years than go through all of that so often!

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier Best Buy

Here is the top of our machine – there are 3 separate air purifying options. Clean Air (automatically adjusts depending on air quality), Clean Air & Humidify (humidity sensors monitors air quality and automatically adjust) and Quick Clean. To the left of these buttons you can see the fan speed readings. Next to that you’ll see the “lights” button.

The Plasmacluster Air Purifier has what’s called a LibraryQuiet operation which means not only does the purifier have a sound like a low fan speed but you can also dim the lights on the purifier or turn them off while you’re sleeping. AND it’s Energy Star rated so it’s high efficient.

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier Best Buy

On the front of the machine you can see the dust monitor (the vertical line showing mostly green and a little yellow) as well as the humidity levels in the room. Sharp provided me with a few extra photos so you can see different readings on the front:

A few other odors that I didn’t mention which our air purifier has helped eliminate in our house:

Wet Dog
Smelly Laundry
Burnt Dinner
Sick Kids (vomit…need I say more?)
Cat Litter

Ok, so let’s talk price. That’s usually the bottom line issue right? The Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Humidifier typically runs just under $400. If you’ve researched air purifiers before you know this is a pretty typical price for a good air purifier system and considerably cheaper than a whole-house system.

If I had realized how amazing this system worked I would have much rather just saved up and purchased this the first time around than spending $100 on a cheaper low quality system. Cheaper is not better when it comes to your health. It has definitely exceeded my expectations, is far superior to my other cheaper purifiers and my kids hardly ever have congestion/stuffy noses since we’ve put this system in their bedroom.

In fact I was starting to get a stuffy nose and sore throat from allergies last week so I moved the purifier into my bedroom to clean up the air a bit and both my stuffy nose and sore throat were gone by the next morning. It’s done a fantastic job in my house of keeping pollutants out which makes my kids happier which in turn makes me happier! It also has great reviews. Even my husband is pretty mesmerized by this purifier. Hands down – fantastic product!

Click HERE to learn more and buy!

Disclosure: I received the above product to use in order to form my opinions. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Moving to the corner of South Dakota, Nebraska and Iowa kicked our family allergies up into high gear with all the corn fields. We have air filters in every room to try to keep the house liveable. I’ll have to check this kind out.

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    I would love to have an air purifier in my basement. You’re a lucky lady!

  3. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says:

    My kids both suffer from allergies and I can see in their faces just how miserable they are when it hits each year. These are wonderful. It would be a nice thing for me to give them.

  4. That looks like an amazing purifier! I can’t believe what a difference it made for you. I’m always on the lookout for great air purifiers and will have to check this one out.

  5. We have so many allergies here, too. This looks like it would be such a huge help!

  6. I love our air purifier but that one looks really awesome!

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