Roylco’s Straws and Connectors Set Review

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Another great company that I’ve partnered with this holiday season is Roylco. I had the opportunity to review their Straws and Connectors set! When I first saw it online, to be completely honest, I was thinking …”ok, it’s just a bunch of straws”. But it’s not!
These “straws” are heavy duty straw-looking tools that are very high quality! I was impressed at how nice they were when I opened the box. And when I opened the box – HOLY MOLY there were a LOT of pieces!! The kit I received had 705 pieces as well as an idea guide!! (Roylco also sells a kit with 230 pieces)
I LOVE the bright colors! Everything comes nicely packed in the box, and believe it or not we have been able to keep it this way!! The connectors come in big “patties” which you have to pull apart – that was really the hardest part because my kids wanted to start building and I couldn’t seem to tear them apart quick enough!!
I wasn’t really sure what to start building at first, but my son didn’t even hesitate before grabbing pieces and putting them together! I was amazed how enveloped in his building process he was!! He spent over 1 1/2 hours connecting straws and building a huge tower! We started it out on my dining room table but before long we had to move it to the floor because it was so big!
Two things I really liked about Roylco’s Straws and Connectors set:
1. The straws and connectors actually stayed together!! We had NO frustrations at getting pieces to stay connected.
2. The straws bent easily for curves and stayed that way!


Not to mention the fact that it has eaten up hours of my children’s time which leaves me free to get my work done too! It encourages them to be creative and work together as a team when building a joint project. My husband and son spent the day working together on a large boat that the kids were able to sit inside of with their pillows, blankets, and books!! Check out the before and after videos below!
You can build rocketships, towers, wall decor, landmarks, tunnels, and so much more!
Now we definitely love this kit here at home, but to be honest it has MORE than enough pieces to even be used in my husband’s classroom! If you watched the above video you saw how many pieces I had left after we built the large boat!!
This 705 piece Straws and Connectors set can easily be used simultaneously in different groups or centers in a classroom. You can use them to teach math lessons, have engineering competitions, or even have each group build a famous landmark!
These Straws and Connectors are an especially good project for children who have problems with fine motor skills. It will help them to develop their skills while having fun too! The quality of this set is superb and we have really enjoyed using our Straws and Connectors.
To be honest my boys are young so I see a LOT of years out of this set being used in our house!! Your older kids can even design their room by using their creations as wall hangings or tunnels to walk through! The possibilities are endless.

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