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At our school we have really been looking into expanding our marketing and local community school spirit! Last year our 8th grade graduating class bought our school a fantastic entryway rug with our school emblem on it and it created so much buzz that we’ve been looking for new and creative ways to spread our school spirit!

In my quest for looking for personalized school gear I found and came across the idea of window decals and stickers! The great thing is that even though I’m looking for ideas for our school I am always interested in personalized stickers for my blog too! Here is one that I made in literally less than 30 seconds – it was SO easy!


I just had to upload my photo image and BOOM pick my options!  Between that and the car decals I can really come up with a lot of creative ideas for more exposure for our school and for my blog! I particularly loved all of the options available for the stickers. You can choose to have them printed double-sided for more information on each side.

You can also choose for them to be die-cut which means that it’s not just a plain square shape but the cutting forms around your logo/design. You can also choose car-safe stickers as well as easily removable stickers – or even stickers that are specifically made to go on glass!

And then of course there are the window decals! I bet you anything that my husband would love to get one of these for his school!! It was SO easy to get a quick idea of what it would look like.

signazon decal

I had NO clue what the measurements of my rear window is but I was easily able to use their Window Size Wizard to figure it out!

car decal sats

TA-DA! There are TONS of options to create a window decal – everything from completely custom, to pre-made templates, and even the one I chose where you can upload your logo and then create custom material around it and move it around! It was extremely simple to maneuver around and I even noticed a chat option if you needed more customer service help.

So if your school or business is in need of custom designed materials check out what has to offer!

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