10 Toys Every Child Should Have Growing Up

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10 Toys Every Child Should Have Growing Up:

1. Chemistry Set
2. Play Kitchen
3. Lite Brite
4. Slinky
5. Hula Hoop
6. Building blocks and sets (Legos, wood blocks, etc.)
7. Art Easel
8. Board Games
9. Etch a Sketch
10. Play-doh or Clay

What are your MUST HAVE items for your child?

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  1. Dirt with mom's kitchen utensils… boxes to cut with butter knives… tinkertoys, lincoln logs, tonka trucks (the good, metal ones that don't break within 10 days)…. and most of all—– being told to go outside and not to come in an hour (which usually meant "I've had about enough of you and need a break")…. fresh air.

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