FREE “Common Ants of New York City” eBook + Science Experiment

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Several years ago we participated in an AWESOME project called School of Ants” where a group of scientists are collecting ants via classrooms and kids at home from all over the world. Our children, and my husband’s 2nd grade class at the time – both collected vials of ants baited by cookie crumbs and sent them to School of Ants so they could research each species and add it to their world wide map! (Our ants were Red Carpenter Ants, Dorymyrmex bureni, Elongate Twig Ant, Fire Ant, and Southern Fire Ant.) Now that we live in Iowa we need to start this project up again! It’s an awesome idea to do with your classroom and with your kids at home!

Find out how to join in the international project and send in your local ants!

Get Dr. Eleanors FREE ebook – “Common Ants of New York City” – perfect for your young scientists! (downloadable in a PDF File or available for Apple products)

Check out the science display board we created to go along with this project!


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