25 Kids’ Kindle Books for only $1 Each!

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Whoosh went the wind

Here’s a great deal on Kindle Books for the kids! Download 25 Kids’ Kindle Books for only $1 each! Some of these books are usually $15-$20, so this is a great deal! Download these soon before the prices change!

The books below are marked down at Amazon for only $1 each!

  1. The Great Chicken Debacle
  2. Moose’s Big Idea (Moose and Hildy)
  3. Pig Pickin’ (Moose and Hildy)
  4. Teddy Bears’ Mother Goose (Michael Hague Signature Classics)
  5. Moose Crossing (Moose and Hildy)
  6. Hero Mom
  7. Numbears: A Counting Book (Michael Hague Signature Classics)
  8. The Fisherman and the Turtle
  9. Poco Loco
  10. Interference Powder
  11. Worlds Apart
  12. The Show-Off (Moose and Hildy)
  13. Bear Hugs (Michael Hague Signature Classics)
  14. East of the Sun and West of the Moon (Michael Hague Signature Classics)
  15. Tell-A-Bunny
  16. Some Kind Of Love
  17. César: ¡Sí Se Puede! Yes We Can!
  18. De Colores
  19. Silly Tilly
  20. Whoosh Went the Wind!
  21. The Kindness Quilt
  22. Tip-Tap Pop
  23. Marco Polo
  24. Emma Dilemma, the Nanny, and the Secret Ferret
  25. The Remarkable And Very True Story Of Lucy & Snowcap

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