10 Pack Dry Erase Pockets ONLY $11.99!

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dry erase pockets sale


This 10 set of Dry Erase Pockets are just $11.99 which breaks down to about $1.19 EACH! FREE shipping for Prime members or with orders $35+. Fits 12×9 inserts which is great for worksheets in your classroom or for homeschoolers! Just use a dry erase marker on the outside and wipe it off when you’re done! I like these better than other options because they are not as flimsy and the papers don’t fall out of it since it is stitched all the way around! Plus for the price you can’t go wrong!

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  1. I’ve purchased these before and they are fabulous and very durable! However, when I click on your link and go to Amazon, the price says $17.98 instead of $11.99. When I purchased a few months back I was able to get these for $13.98, so 17.98 is kind of high in price.

  2. Adrienne Pettit says:

    Not $11.99 when I looked. Was it a daily deal?

  3. Stephanie says:

    Amazon has a pack of 25 plain black shop ticket holders for $20 something. They don’t actually say “dry erase” though, so I’m not sure they would work.

  4. Price went up to 18 something now 🙁

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