Literature Mondays- Nancy Drew Series

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Today’s Literature Mondays is a little bit late because to be quite honest- I forgot it was Monday!


This is an older series- but a good one: The Nancy Drew Series!


As a young girl I just loved the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series! Now there is a cute movie out about Nancy Drew, but the original books were written by Carolyn Keene. BUT an interesting fact that I just learned today is that “Carolyn Keene” is just a pseudoname, she is not actually real! The Nancy Drew series were actually written and created by a series of authors starting back in the 1920’s- just a few years after women received the right to vote.
In fact the idea of Nancy Drew was created by Edward Stratemeyer, and that idea has turned into books, movies, and games for the past 75 years-enthralling girls (and boys) for the mystery in life. Mildred Benson wrote the first 23 Nancy Drew books and were originally published by Grosset & Dunlap.
Although these are fantastic books, I agree with others that nostalgia plays a large part in keeping Nancy Drew alive. In the 1950’s a new style of Nancy Drew was portrayed and thus the famous books took off again! Just last year, in 2010, Nancy Drew celebrated her 80th anniversary!

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    Found you on one of the Blog Follows. I'm your newest follower on your super awesome blog! I'll be back (in my best Arnold voice).


  2. My mother loved these books when she was a young girl (50ish years ago) and when I was growing up she turned me onto them. I loved them as well. I think that's part of the appeal that has kept them going for so long. They are passed down through generations. My mother actually still had a few of her hardcover editions that she passed on to me. Sadly most the ones I read in the 80's were flimsy paperbacks for a new generation, but still…certain scenes are burned into my mind. Thanks for the reminder.

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