GeoCards by GeoToys Review

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I found this really great company called GeoToys which specialize in educational Geography games! If you teach history to your children or in a classroom you definitely need to look into GeoToys! I contacted them after learning about their products online. They looked really neat, but I wanted to check them out for myself.

GeoToys mission is to make geography fun- for everyone! They have geography puzzles, flashcards, and quite a variety of geography games too! This is a fantastic way to reinforce geography in learning centers, and for family game nights! I certainly can’t tell you even every single state in the U.S. just by looking at its picture!  

Can you???

My husband is an elementary teacher and he just went crazy when he saw these cards! Flashcards are a fantastic visual aid in teaching children. To be honest we will be investing in several more of their products over the next few years as my kids get older.
GeoToys has geography cards for not only the U.S.A. but also for the world too! (Imagine having to know the shapes of each country!) These brightly colored laminate flashcards are very eye catching. On one side is the shape of the state with the name written over it, and on the other side is the shape of the state with the capital written at the top (see pictures below). I love how it not only marks where the capital is in each state but also where the state is located in regards to the surrounding states.

And flashcards don’t have to be boring either- you can use flashcards in SO many different ways during lesson time and definetely during game time.
I think every classroom & family should have a set of GeoCards (and GeoPuzzles!) to be honest- both world & USA. It is a simple way to teach the children different states/countries and they are very affordable. (under $12!) The puzzles are great for hands-on interaction, and the cards are great for visual learners. I was very impressed with these GeoCards- they are very good quality and will definitely stand up to some pretty good abuse in the classroom! I love the bright colors that they have chosen to use too.

You can buy them at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Lakeshore Learning.

Here are a few other products that GeoToys offers:
GeoDice Game
GeoPuzzles (USA & Canada, World, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Animals, & Middle East)
GeoBingo (USA & World)
Around the World Game
Lights Camera Action
Postcards from America

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