Virtual Field Trips in Lima, Peru – Sustainable Fishing

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Virtual Field Trips are some of my FAVORITE to participate in and you do NOT want to miss the (free!) virtual field trip in Lima, Peru! (Watch it Here!).

Join Matias Caillaux (the Nature Conservancy’s Fisheries Specialist for the Humboldt Current Program in Peru) as he takes us into one of the world’s largest fishing communities to discuss sustainable fishing. This is geared for grades 3-8 but anyone can attend.

Virtual Field Trip in Lima Peru



My kids are absolutely obsessed with fishing and everything that comes with it so I love that this virtual field trip will not only show them new technologies in the field being used but that it will also give them a deeper understanding of marine conservation in this Latin American region. Especially since our students actually went fishing for a science field trip last fall. It’s a great way to bridge my children’s passion across to an environmental issue and how everyone can make a difference.

Usually when you mention Peru most people think of ancient Inca civilizations and ruins, mountains, and the rainforest but it’s ALSO home to one of the most productive ocean ecosystems! In this virtual field trip students will learn about the Humboldt Current—a cold water current that pushes nutrients from the deepest ocean toward the surface, forming the basis of a unique and abundant ecosystem in which we will find a variety of sea birds, flamingos, and even penguins! (Did you know that? I didn’t!) We’ll be following Matias as he boats to an island that is home to more than 30,000 sea lions!

Virtual Field Trip plus Download

This specific virtual field trip comes with a plethora of great FREE resources and printables for you to use with your classroom! The above Nature Spy download is available in both English and Spanish. Here are a few more of the fine details to look over:

Includes the following downloads:

  • Teacher Lesson Plan: Fishing for a Future (PDF & Word)
  • Student Handout on Fisheries Management (PDF & Word)
  • Student Handout on the Humboldt Current (PDF & Word)
  • Student Handout: Anchoveta Socratic Seminar (PDF & Word)

How Nature Works in Coastal Peru: The Amazing Biodiversity of a Coastal Ecosystem

Subject focus: Science and Geography
Age range: Grades 3-8
Length of Virtual event: 45 minutes
Cost: FREE!
Watch it HERE!

*The content of this virtual field trip is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.

A Few Additional Interactive Classroom Resources

Fishing for Tomorrow: The Artisanal Fishers of Ancón Story Map

The Humboldt Current Ecosystem: How Earth Systems Influence Ocean Productivity & Biodiversity Story Map

Fishing for a Future – activities for students to explore sustainable fishing through a specific case study in Peru including interactive story maps (Humboldt Current, El Nino, artisanal fishing, Socratic Semicar) and the need to protect/effectively manage this ecosystem and it’s resources.

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