Holiday Traditions: Finding the Pickle

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Yes – I did just say one of our family holiday traditions is finding the pickle! I used to nanny for a family of 8 from Germany and we adopted this tradition from them. Every year when we put the Christmas tree up, the very first ornament that goes on the tree is our pickle. The kids then have to find where we hid the pickle and whoever finds it first is the Pickle King! When the boys are older and the playing field is a little more even we will give out a small prize to whoever finds it first!


It really is such a simple tradition but my 4 year old LOVES it. When we pulled out the Christmas decorations this year he immediately asked if he could find the pickle…..he rememember our tradition from last year! My youngest son is 2 years old and he even had a blast looking for the pickle!
WHOO!! HE FOUND IT!! I’m almost sad that our finding the pickle tradition is such a short one every year! Although it only takes a few minutes to play out, it is a blast watching the kids search for it. As they get older it will of course get much harder to find!! I can’t wait for the challenge!
Then, once the pickle is found I take a quick picture of my children in front of the Christmas tree, and then we get busy decorating the rest of the tree with the Christmas lights and ornaments! It is a whole afternoon event that we really cherish!

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