Learning Resources Super Magnet Lab Set Review

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With the holidays coming up I am very excited to promote educational companies and their products! I had the opportunity to review the Super Magnet Lab from Learning Resources which has over 100 magnetic components in it! It is geared for ages 5-10.
This kit has served our household for two reasons – one is to introduce my own children into the world of magnets and the science behind them. Two – it is also being used in my husband’s 2nd grade classroom to reinforce the laws of magnetism in a hands-on way for his students.
All of the magnets come in resealable bags which is a HUGE plus!! Plus they are stored in this nice handy box along with the activity guide.

It comes with seven magnetic wands, one large horseshoe, two small horseshoes, two round magnets, two small bar magnets, ten magnetic marbles, and 100 magnetic chips. Plenty of magnets for a family to use or a small group of children.

Believe it or not magnets were one thing that we didn’t have in our household so my kids were thrilled at the opportunity to experiment with them! We were able to teach them about the north and south magnetic poles as well as do all sorts of experiments with them! But first we let the kids explore on their own.
My husband uses this with his 2nd grade students to introduce them to the laws of magnetism. The magnetic wands and large horseshoe in this kit are extremely sturdy! They can take a serious amount of student abuse and hold up to it!
The magnetic chips and marbles are also very sturdy as well and were some of my favorite items in this Super Lab Magnet kit! I love that they come in resealable bags because I know I surely would lose them otherwise!
My boys are both younger so we favored the magnetic wands, marbles and chips. One of the coolest experiments that they did over and over and over again was that we laid the marbles and chips spread out on our table and then slowly swiped the magnetic wands about 1-2 inches above them and watched as the marbles and chips flew up to the wand.
To a child who has not been introduce to magnets it is like magic!
Above you can see how we laid out the magnetic chips on the table. Then each of us had one opportunity to “swipe” our magnetic wands over the top of the chips and then count to see who had collected the most!
Of course the person who had the first opportunity to “swipe” always won!! The magnetic wands held a LOT of chips!
Then my son learned about attracting and repelling. The large magnetic wands did a great job of helping us learn that. If we tried to stack the magnets up the “wrong” way they would forcefully snap back into place!
The smallest of the magnets included were the two bar magnets, two circle magnets, and the two small horseshoe magnets. These are fantastic to use in a classroom with a container of iron fillings and a paper plate!!
These also do great with small paper clips as well! Be careful though, we did have one of our small bar magnets break when I accidentally knocked it on the ground!
I love the variety of magnets that are included in this kit! The activity guide has some great ideas, and there are enough different types of magnets to teach a wide variety of lessons! Because there are so many shapes and sizes of magnets there are oodles of different lessons you can teach with these! You are not bound by only having one variety.
This is a great starter magnet lab set! My kids and my husband’s students enjoyed them immensely. In fact we left the magnet box on our dining room table for the first week we had it and every day I found my son using the magnets and experimenting with them! Just in time for the holidays Learning Resources has offered one of my readers their own Super Magnet Lab!!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review.

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