All things that Grow- Kid’s Hands-on Excitement

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As a child some of my favorite gifts were things that you could watch grow- whether it was Sea Monkeys, plants, Space Crystals, or butterflies! Growing things not only take responsibility, but it is a fascinating and educational learning experience to teach your kids how things change, why they change, what happens to animals/plants as they change, cause and effect, and so many more things! These kits are perfect for kids because they can watch the growth by themselves!
Thanks to my sister my son will be receiving his very first set of Sea Monkeys this year for Christmas!
Here are a few ideas for the children in your life this year:
Sea Monkeys  – I LOVED my Sea Monkeys as a high schooler. Believe it or not, I actually took my sea monkeys to college with me! In high school I wanted sea monkeys so bad, and my mom thought it was a waste of money, so she promised me she would give me my money back for them if I kept my sea monkeys alive for 2 years and gave her the receipt in 2 years.
So what do you think I did? Sure enough- 2 years passed and I handed her my receipt and showed her my live sea monkeys! (and yes, I got my money back!) After 2 years though I had no way to clean the tank without buying special sea monkey gear and I was so sick of sea monkeys after year 3, I finally threw them out in my front yard! I know- horrible! But seriously- I LOVED my sea monkeys! They do not grow big, and there isn’t much change, but for some reason I really enjoyed it.
Crystal Growing Science Kit– Here’s another great idea for your budding scientist! This is great for teaching chemical reactions!
Other live animal kits such as:
insect lore butterfly garden habitat
Butterfly Garden, Ladybug Land,  Ant Hill, Praying Mantis Pagoda, Earthworm Nursery, Frogs
And live plants too! Check out the Venus Fly Traps, Carnivorous Plants, even herbal teas plant!They even make an indoor Shiitake Mushrooms kit! (A really neat experiment is to cut the top of the mushroom off the plant, and immediately place it on white paper. Leave it overnight in a dark cabinet, then check the paper in the morning. The mushroom will have dropped its spores and left a pattern on the paper! What a great lesson about growing seeds, spores, and plants!)

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  1. Laurie Floyd says:

    I always wanted Sea Monkeys as a child because they were always advertised in comic books. My mom would never let me have them….she also said it was a waste of money! Maybe I should buy them for my classroom so I can experience having them some time in my life!! 🙂

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