Practical Graduation Gift Ideas for ALL Ages & Graduate Levels!

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The below graduation gift ideas are separated out by graduate level so you can easily scroll through practical ideas no matter what grade level your graduate is at! These are pretty general ideas to prompt you instead of specific brands to shop for!

WARNING – Awesome (and Practical!) Graduation Gift Ideas ahead!

Graduation Gift Ideas for All Graduates

Graduation Isn’t Limited by AGE!

Whether you have a child graduating preschool or kindergarten, high school, college, or even with their Masters or Doctorate degree – there are all sorts of graduations buzzing about right now!  PLUS here are 20 Graduation Quotes you can use!

Preschool/Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas:

Preschool Kindergarten Graduation Gift Ideas

This is SUCH a fun age for graduations as there are plenty of smiles and pictures to share! Our “Oh the Places You’ll Go” Graduation Cupcakes are popular! Here are some fun graduation gift ideas for preschool and kindergarten as your child heads to their next year in school:

  8th Grade Graduation Gift Ideas:

8th Grade Graduation Gift Ideas

This is a tough age as kid’s interest vary greatly! If all else fails a gift card of any size is a GREAT way to go here! But I know that buying a gift can just be more fun, so here are some cool tween/tween graduation gift ideas for 8th grade to congratulate your newly graduated middle school students:

12th Grade Graduation Gift Ideas:12th grade graduation gift ideas

Whether your teen is heading off to college or just out on their own, there are TONS of practical (and creative!) ideas for graduates in this category! Check out these high school graduation gift ideas:

College Graduation Gift Ideas:

College Graduation Gift Ideas

Remember picking out your first appliances, apartment, and decorations….and also having no money? There are a zillion practical graduation gift ideas for your college grads depending on where they are heading next!

Here are a ton of great ideas for you to consider:


Typically this age group has been seasoned in life a bit and are already out on their own so gifts will be a little different. Gift giving might be a little more difficult to figure out but gift cards or a thoughtful gift (like a small plant!) are usually the way to go unless you know the person really well.

Here are some other graduation ideas for masters and doctorate programs depending on their newly certified profession:

Check out our Graduation Pinterest Board for more ideas!

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