Eitech Beginner Solar Helicopter and Airplane Construction Set Review

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Eitech has another great product out for beginner’s!! I LOVE that they have a beginner’s solar set!! Many of the solar sets I have seen are for much older children so I was excited to have the opportunity to review their Beginner Solar Helicopter and Airplane Construction set! Having the option to do either a helicopter OR an airplane is pretty cool too!! We let our son decide what he wanted to do first and he picked an airplane.


An instruction guide of course also comes with the set so you know how to build it! This specific set can make either a helicopter or an airplane. Included is the step by step directions which are easy to follow in order to make each vehicle.
We made the airplane here first. Eitech has a great storage box that their construction sets come in. It folds up in a unique shape in a way that none of the pieces can fall out of the box, although to be honest we usually store our pieces in a bag and then place it in the box since we have little hands in the house!
I personally love construction kits because since our son is younger it involves a lot of teamwork! My son checks out the instruction guide, separates out all of the pieces needed for each step, then helps my husband build it. This Eitech Solar set is for ages 6+. It would be a neat item to have in your classroom too for quiet time since there are no noises involved!


We’re almost done!! My son is just putting the finishing touches on!


ZOOOOM!!!!!!! Of course you can’t tell in the picture above but the front propeller is turning like crazy! You can see the small solar panel on the top of the airplane! Before we headed outside we talked to our sun about how the sun produces energy which can then be converted into energy we use. The solar kits “capture” the suns energy and makes the airplane (or helicopter) blades turn! It’s a great cause and effect lesson as well as a science/engineering lesson.


I tried several times uploading a video so you could see how fast the propeller moved but to be honest it seems even Youtube couldn’t keep up with it!! It shows great on my computer but it looked like the blade was still on youtube! Hah!
Pretty cool huh? The solar panel is simple to detach if your kids want to play with the vehicle separately too. The only thing we noticed with this kit is that you do have to be in direct sunlight in order for the propeller to spin. When we first tried it the sun was going down and we hit some shadier spots in the yard where it wouldn’t work! So make sure you don’t start the kit when it’s dark outside! 🙂 As with all of the kits I have reviewed for Eitech this one is made of good sturdy quality material.

They have a lot of fantastic construction kits which would make great Christmas presents including their metal building kits, beginner kits, solar kits, electrical kits, and Teifoc’s brick and mortar kits. Prices range anywhere from under $10 to hundreds of dollars and everything in between so there is certainly a great choice depending on your budget! Plus they offer FREE shipping on every order!
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I received a kit to try in order to form my own opinion. All opinions are 100% mine.

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