Connecting Learning Resources Today – How will You Shape Your Tomorrow?

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I’ve partnered up with Tomorrow, powered by Remake Learning, whose mission is to inspire learners everywhere!

143. It’s a special number to me personally and to many around the world. I am so excited to be one of 143 influencers who share today in honor of Fred Rogers and the kindness he inspired in others. 143 influencers. On the 143rd day of the year. (143 to Mr. Rogers means “I Love You”!)

The past two months have taught me many valuable lessons, but most importantly it’s reminded me that I get to chose TODAY what I want TOMORROW to look like! YOU choose what you do and how you want to shape your outcomes. Mr. Fred Rogers once said “Often, when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else”. How relevant this is today! 

Fred Rogers Quote

Be part of the movement!

YOU have the power to shape your new reality.  I’ve partnered up with Tomorrow, powered by Remake Learning, whose mission is to inspire learners everywhere! Learning doesn’t have to stop just because we are all home more – in fact I have found that now that we are home all of the time we have even more time to ramp up learning in a hands on interactive way – even at a distance! 

Sharing free resources is what I’ve been doing for over 10 years here! Our posts with free resources like Digital Escape Rooms, Scavenger Hunts, and Virtual Field Trips are just some of the many ways I’ve tried to help encourage fans of all ages to enjoy learning with creative out of the box ideas! Learning is so much bigger than the four walls in a classroom! 

Do you know what’s been amazing for me to watch? All three of my kids and the way they’ve reacted to learning at home. They are no longer confined by daily homework assignments and rigid class schedules – they have each taken their learning further by exploring their own areas of interest…..and been excited about it!

inspirational question

Staying home more has allowed my family the time to learn more about foraging and take online classes we would never have had the opportunity (or time!) to take before. It’s reminded us what our priorities and values are and put even more free educational resources at our finger tips.

girl holding a bullfrog
Learning about bullfrogs

Specific Ways My Family is Learning Differently:

  1. Access to virtual resources is bigger than ever right now! We’re tapping into this by not only enrolling in summer courses and workshops but also by signing up for free mini-courses for hobbies we are exploring like foraging and rain barrels!
  2. Building outdoors as a family! It’s no secret that we have a huge vegetable garden but even my kids have helped expand and build our raise beds, walkways, fire pit, arbor, and other structures around our yard! Hands on learning like this doesn’t come from a book!
  3. Adopting more pets and learning about their species! We are an animal loving household anyway, but my middle son has been quite obsessed with snakes lately – so we adopted a few! Between learning about our new sand boa and catching frogs and toads, we’ve been exploring the wildlife around us and learning loads of new things!
  4. Helping others while learning new trade skills! My middle school and high school boys have been helping some older friends of ours fix up their property, learn about plumbing and electrical work, and are even in the process of lifting up and stabilizing an old fishing pier!
teen boy building digging
My teenager helping design & build an arbor

As you can see above that although these times are unprecedented, the extra time that we’ve been gifted by staying home has allowed our family to not only spend more time together and help others out but have helped us all gain valuable new skills and awareness of the world around us!

Tomorrow is inspired by the huge heart that Mr. Fred Rogers had for child-centered simple approaches to learning. Let curiosity lead the way and dive right in wherever it leads! Following this philosophy has taken our family on so many memorable journeys!

preschool girl teaching class
Interactively learning in a new school setting at home

Families, teachers, and kids are all pushing themselves to the limit to create new enriched learning environments. THIS is the time to create your learning experiences just the way you want! Tomorrow not only supports educators as they remodel learning for their students but they are also investing in efforts to make learning possible for every young person, everywhere, every day.

What I Dream of:

I hope that this new learning curve will push kids, parents, and educators to thrive in a new explorative environment. I want people of all ages – kids and adults – to chase their interests and take the time to learn new skills! Take the time for those hobbies you always “wanted to do someday” – now is your time to shine! Pick yourself up and dive into new learning adventures! 

Tips on How to Create Your New Learning Style –

  • Make a list of things you’d like to learn about!

  • Make it hands on! Don’t just take a virtual field trip somewhere or watch a video – make a 3D model and put it into action! 

  • Share your new interest with others! Chances are you’ll be able to teach someone else about it or find a new friend who can teach you!

  • Use the resources below to help you get started in your learning adventure!

Where to start looking for your new learning adventures:

  1. Remake Learning has in person AND virtual webinars

  2. Youtube tutorials

  3. Facebook groups 

  4. Google / Pinterest

  5. Online workshops & Virtual Meetings

  6. Through documentaries

  7. At home kits

  8. e-Books

boy whittling wood whale
My son learning to whittle

Who is Remake Learning?

Remake Learning was established almost 15 years ago to spark new ideas and leverage resources to make a greater impact in serving young people through engagement in learning – especially in the areas of technology driven education and equity.

They aim to make connect resources that help make learning relevant to today’s culture and community. Support comes through cultivating creativity, expressing critical thinking and encouraging collaborative problem solving skills.

The Tomorrow campaign continues the mission of what we can do today for a more promising tomorrow.

What began as a grassroots movement in the southwestern Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia areas has ignited into a national effort to make a difference through learning events, maker spaces, schools, museums, libraries, community centers and more. They have reached thousands of children and practitioners through dozens of projects.

teen boy and preschool girl science experiment
My son showing my daughter his LED lit breadboard

Educational Resources by Remake Learning

  • Workshops

  • Youth Documentaries

  • Podcasts

  • Social Media Chats

  • Virtual Meet-ups

Find more information about each of the above here!

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