FREE Sparky and the Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms App Review

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Sparky and the Missing Alarms Fire Prevention App

The fall season means the weather is getting cooler and the pumpkins are starting to surface all over the country – BUT it also means something very important – Fire Prevention Safety!! Every year we make sure to check our smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector and update the batteries as well as talk to our children about fire safety. In celebration of Fire Prevention Week the NFPA has a great new app for kids called Spark and the Case of the Missing Smoke Alarms – and it’s FREE! PLUS it’s available for BOTH Android and iOS systems so you can access it no matter what phone/tablet you are using!

Visit sparkyschoolhouse.org by the NFPA for links to download this app FREE!  (there are also other FREE ebooks, apps, and resources available there!)

sparky app book for kids

The app is a lot of fun for your younger kids and not only has a fun game to play where Sparky has to catch the batteries and smoke detectors to pass levels but it also includes a story which the kids can read AND play aloud while following along with the highlighted words. I really appreciate the apps that have stories WITH words highlighted while reading for kids. My phone screen is pretty small so a tablet would be easier to actually read the words on. We actually downloaded it on several devices so the kids could use the app whether we’re at home or out on the go.

Spark Missing Smoke Alarm Fire Prevention app for kids

Here is a screenshot of the game your kids can play on this app! You have to keep Sparky “flying” by tapping the screen to collect the batteries and smoke detectors – but WATCH OUT for the BIRDS! They’ll knock you off your course! And an extra surprise to me at the end of the level was the simple math questions and word problems that the kids had to answer to advance! Math problems range from very basic addition to simple multiplication and word problems. My kids really enjoyed this because every year when we change the batteries in our smoke alarm we actually have the kids help us! It’s a great habit to get into and you won’t regret getting your kids involved!

sparky fire prevention app for kids

I know my kids have been enjoying the app! My boys are ages 7 & 5 and have both been enjoying the features on the Spark and the Missing Alarms app. These are just a few of the features too – there’s quite a bit that it has to offer! One thing to note is that on the home menu the kids can tap the “Video” option which DOES take them to YouTube if they “click” through. There is also a “Parents” section where you have to type in your birth year to access which leads to other resources, free common core printables, etc. via the internet. And online if you visit the SparkSchoolhouse website HERE there are all sorts of lesson plans, printable activities, and music videos all CCSS based and broken down by grade level.

Personally I like downloading apps like this BEFORE Fire Prevention week since it really helps to reinforce life saving lessons for my kids before they focus on it at school too. Last year our local fire department came out with an actual smoke house and the kids had to climb through windows and roll across the floor to get out in a simulated activity. Fire Prevention and safety tips is just one of those things you don’t always think to teach your kids on a regular basis but it’s SO SO SO important!

DOWNLOAD the FREE Sparky and the Missing Alarms Fire Prevention App HERE!


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