Ideas for Raising MORE Money Thru #BoxTops

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This is the wall of ideas from the 2011 Box Tops University at General Mills Headquarters. In fact, this is only ONE wall, I found at least four! School coordinators from all over the country  that attended the Box Tops University were asked for ways that their school was successful in raising more money through the Box Tops program. I couldn’t include all of the ideas that were listed on these boards, but I tried to get as many as I could written down or photographed! Take your time browsing through this post- it is full of amazing suggestions for your school to raise more money as well as ways that the schools spent their money. These ideas come from some of the highest earning school coordinators in the country! Caution- Some of these ideas are extreme- but necessary! 🙂
Ways Schools Raised Their Money
Battle of the Grades Competitions
Received Community Goods Donated to Raffle (Raffle Tix. bought by BoxTops)
Walk Around Every Friday with a Ballroom
50+ Box Tops per Student = Hike with Principal
Classroom Parties (Ice Cream, Recess, Movie, Popcorn, Water Play, etc.)
Containers Left in Local Community Stores
Pay for Snacks at Concession Stands with Box Tops, not Money
Requested Box Tops from Local Food Pantry products
Requested Box Tops from Local Funeral Homes (Kleenex boxes)
Scavenger Hunt (door to door) asking Neighbors
Looking in Recycle Bins for Empty Boxes with Box Tops
Told Teachers they Got to Keep every Penny their Classroom Earned for Supplies
Principal Sleeps on Roof if Certain Amount Raised
Principal Turned into Human Pizza or Ice Cream Sundae (toppings thrown on them!)
Pie in Principals Face
Buy Jeans Day tickets or other special prizes
Bulletin Boards Keep Track or Progress (see picture below)
Ways Schools Spent Their Money
$$ Paid for School Yearbooks
 I-pads for students
e-Readers for Classrooms
Costumes for School Plays
Electric Hole Punch
Teacher Supplies and Gift Cards for Classrooms
Pay Bus Fees for Field Trips
Rock Wall for the Gym (my fav!)
Out of State Field Trip
Playground Equipment
Special Needs Swings/Equipment


 Here is a picture of a principal getting his hair sprayed pink by the students!
Does your school have a successful way it raises money with Box Tops? Leave a comment here letting me know and I’ll add it to the list! Think this is a great list? Spread it around, stumble it, share it on Facebook, email this link, bookmark it, and Tweet it out! You can even print it out and bring it to your school!
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