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This prize is provided thanks to K’NEX! I won a contest as part of their Ambassador program and now I get to offer one of my readers this fun prize pack valued at $130.95!

K'NEX Giveaway Prize Pack

WHOO! As a K’NEX Blogger Ambassador I won the chance to offer one of my readers this awesome K’NEX Mario Kart Wii Prize Pack which would be an awesome holiday or birthday gift to tuck away into your gift closet!! The total value of the pack is $130.95 and as you can see has several different Mario themed building sets by K’NEX! Our family absolutely LOVES K’NEX for a lot of reasons but I love that the pieces actually stay together when you snap them together and they are SO versatile! They are great for young learners and advanced builders alike and have an endless amount of possibilities. In fact my boys love building so much we’ve set up an entire desk/work area in the basement for them to build and display their K’NEX sets to encourage easy access to their sets!


This giveaway is open to USA addresses only and will end at 10PM CST on August 6, 2014. To enter simply leave a comment below letting me know your favorite K’NEX building theme set! Not sure what they have? You can see all of their products and themes on the K’NEX Website here! Winner will be chosen randomly and have 48 hours to respond to winner’s e-mail before a new winner is chosen! Good luck!

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  1. Therese Hubbell says:

    Love the tinkertoy sets. Those are a through back to my childhood with an update!

    1. Mary Ann Collins says:

      I would LOVE the Lincoln Logs set. The possibilities would be endless for my kids to be creative with them!

    2. pam gibson says:

      Love the super value sets. They offer many building options. Letting young imaginations create.

  2. Vickie Hays says:

    I could really use the set

  3. Heather Poirier says:

    Roary the racing car in our house!

  4. Katurah Klein says:

    I love their roller coasters!! Always built them in physics class!

  5. Brittany Cobern says:

    I love the pacman theme!

    My class loves playing with k’nex during indoor recess!


  6. Lori Rice says:

    Living on a teachers salary takes creativity and a little luck! What a fun pack to explore together with kids. Thanks!

  7. janet zarate says:

    Kid k’nex is my fav

  8. Anne Glencer says:

    My son loves the Ferris Wheel set! It was very challenging, but worth the effort.

  9. I love the knex thrill ride sets

  10. Paula Beaty says:

    Maybe I am old fashioned, but I still really love Lincoln Logs. They were the best. Even better than legos, well I thought so anyways.

  11. When I checked the link I must say Kiss is my new favorite!

  12. Phillip Cogdill says:


    While growing up I loved the Roller Coaster themed K’nex. They were so much fun to build and use with my family!!

  13. Lauren lockwood says:

    My son loves the K’Nex roller coasters and Ferris wheel!

  14. Katie Mirkovic says:

    My daughter loves building the giant ferris wheel..

  15. Amy Burriss says:

    My son loves the Mario Kart sets. I would LOVE to be able to give this to him for Christmas!

  16. Brandi Snow says:

    I love the newtons laws set!

  17. Teresa Wilson says:

    I am just beginning my third year of teaching a self contained behavior classroom. When I took over this class nothing for inside recess was left. I have provided a few things but this would be so cool for my kiddos to use in the classroom. My own kids loved K’Nex, wish I would have held on to them now.

  18. Kimmi Haase says:

    I like the education set and the super mario set!!!

  19. Donna Keller says:

    What a wonderful addition this would make to my kindergarten fine motor and exploration centers! Pick me, pick me!

  20. Christian Ravard says:

    My favorite theme set is the roller coaster set. My three year old loves playing with this set with her Mommie and I.

    1. Kelly Jacobs says:

      I love these. It’s hard to choose 1 that is my favorite. They are great not only for recess, but can also be used for science.

  21. Love the ferris wheel set!

  22. Mary Ellen says:

    I love the Ferris wheel! I know the students in my class would live it too.

  23. I like the Extinction set.

  24. julia harlon says:

    I love using K- Nex to build roller coasters in my classroom. We use them to explore motion and momentum.

  25. brijitte hartsfield says:

    I love the Disney Magic Mountain Knex set.

  26. Wow I had no idea that KNEX owned Lincoln Log and Tinker Toys. My son loved his Lincoln Logs and tinker Toys growing up. Of course he also had KNEX. I love the new roller coaster physics set. We have the older roller coaster set that my son spent months building, tearing down, and rebuilding. I would love to win the prize to share with my classroom.

  27. Donna Keller says:

    This would be a wonderful addition to my kindergarten centers.

    1. Marie Cormode says:

      My daughter loves the roller coaster!

  28. Roller coaster theme

  29. Carrie Clark says:

    K’nex Angry Birds!

  30. Jane Williams says:

    Roller coasters!

  31. Cynthia Lesch says:

    I love the Lincoln Logs. I always have!

  32. Edna Pinks says:

    Knew roller coaster

  33. Cindy Mathieson says:

    I love the Lincoln Log set. Classic and timeless.

  34. Christine Stewart says:

    I love the Mario set, and so does my 6 year old son!

  35. Terri Stauffer says:

    I like the Star Shooter Roller Coaster.

  36. Maggie Cosgrove says:

    I grew up playing with then. I can still remember the Ferris wheel my brother and I made-a classic!

  37. The Mario kart looks pretty cool!

  38. Taletta wilson says:

    The giant Ferris wheel is awesome

  39. My son loves the Nascar set.

  40. Felicia Gray says:

    I have new grandson born to rock and roll parents….so I’m thinking the KISS big rig set looks pretty awesome for Shay!

  41. Tinker toys, they allow kids to be super-creative!

  42. Heidi Woltemath says:

    Kid K’nex is our favorite! We love to build flowers and bugs!

  43. Oh we like them all. They are a lot of fun!

  44. Falisha Lowe says:

    I like the Lincoln Logs and the thrill rides!

  45. I would love this set. I could use it in my STEM classroom. I like the car sets that K’NEX has to offer. My own children would love to learn using them too.

  46. I used the Simple Machines set this year with my students and they LOVED it! I am looking at more kits for the newly expanded physics unit and would love to have this kit in my classroom to give some of my young engineers (6th graders) some exploration time!

  47. We built a Nascar set and it was so much fun! That is our fav!

  48. I love the thrill ride set, but Lincoln logs remind me of my childhood! We do a whole knex unit in my classroom for force and friction.

  49. Tiffany Huss says:

    We love the model building sets for free choice time in my classroom!

  50. I love the Mario stuff (kart or super mario) but my son’s favorite is the Angry Birds 🙂

  51. Olivia Laine says:

    I love the roller coaster themed ones and know my special needs kiddos would love them too.

  52. Stefanie Hendley says:

    Awesome! I love several of the sets! My favorite has to be the Thrill Ride roller coaster sets! My students and my children absolutely LOVE them!

  53. My nephews love the Mario Kart theme, I’m sure my kids would too!

  54. Bernadette Sarao says:

    I am sure my students will enjoy all of the K’Nex products.

  55. Marie Cormode says:

    My daughter loves the roller coaster!

  56. Shay Vaughn says:

    I pretty sure my Y care kids would love any of them. Personally, I love the amusement park rides!

  57. I love the tinker toy set as I feel it allows for more creativity. Sometimes I think children see what the finished product is supposed to look like and then they feel like that is what they should build. That being said, the plants vs zombies one is also pretty cool!

  58. This would be great for my classroom. The Knex Thrill Rides look super fun!

  59. Laura Herbers says:

    The traditional model building set was my favorite because the kids’ imaginations can just go crazy!

  60. Amy hodge says:

    Math and geometry set for 5th grade

  61. Ferris wheel set! Had one when I was a kid 🙂

  62. Lisa Richards says:

    Our favorite set is the Pacific Man sets!

  63. Suzette Powell says:

    I can’t decide if I prefer Angry a Birds or Plants vs Zombies!!

  64. My son loves Mario kart!

  65. I like a lot of ones in the education category. Anyway that things can be presented hands on are awesome! I also enjoy helping my nephews build things with Knex.

  66. Melissa McClain says:

    Lincoln Logs were always my favorite. However, Plants vs. Zombies is growing on me.

  67. Tracy Clark says:

    My students enjoy the roller coaster set.

  68. I really like the Ferris wheel reminds me of fun times with my son.

  69. Stephanie Sevcik says:

    Would love to see the minds in my classroom explore with these sets!

  70. Having worked at a theme park for 11 years, I like the roller coaster theme one. 🙂


  72. Desiree Moss says:

    My students would love the dinosaur building set!!!! Ahhhh that is so awesome 🙂

  73. The large model building set. My 4year old son loves following the “structions” to build the different vehicles. He also loves coming up with his own creations. My 6 year old daughter uses pieces to build Harry Potter wands.

  74. My students love all the kid k’nex sets. At home, my three boys will build with Lincoln Logs for hours!!

  75. K’Nexosaurus Rex. Hands down.

  76. I love the K’Nex Kids’ Classroom set! The children can use the instructions and pictures to build something or design their own creation. They have a great time! 🙂


  78. Ana chavez says:


  79. I’d love to win these for my little one. He loves building things but accidentally knocks them down all the time and gets so frustrated. K’nex solves that issue!

  80. Stephanie says:

    I love the huge roller coaster sets! They take so long to do but you can leave them set up and play for days!

  81. Jodi Archer says:

    We love the Roller Coaster and Mario Kart Wii sets.

  82. Alicia Sgambati says:

    My son would love the roller coaster set!

  83. My son loves the Angry Bird K’nex! This would be amazing to win!

  84. Sarah Ryan says:

    My son’s (and my) favorite are the Mario sets!

  85. Marcie Anderson says:

    As a teacher, I love the education sets. My kindergarten students like playing with Tinker Toys.

  86. Jennifer L says:

    I love the pinball machine KNEX.

  87. Love all the KNex sets, even the value tubs, but the roller coaster sets and Tinker Toys set are my favorites! Such great toys to encourage imagination and creativity! Great giveaway. Thanks!

  88. Mara Leppaluoto says:

    I love the 70+ model building set!

  89. Geneva yankton says:

    This would be a great addition to my classroom. ..I loved building things and being able to take them apart again and again.

  90. Lincoln Logs will always be my favorite!

  91. Heather Maness says:

    Love the Ferris wheel and roller coasters! Make our own amusement park!

  92. Kymm O'Brien says:

    My boys love the race car set!

  93. My class would love these K’nex!!!!

  94. Kelly Jacobs says:

    This would be awesome for my classroom! I love all of the sets. Not only are they great for recess, but I hey are great for science too!

  95. The Ferris wheel would be a hit in daycare. They love the Knex cars as well as linclon logs which allow for so much creativity as well as practicing fine motor skills and team work when done in groups.

  96. Knex have always been a part of our family. We never picked just one particular set, but we would get what we could and would always have so much fun combining them to create something new.

  97. Mickayla Nowak says:

    I love the tinker toy sets. This is my first year teaching in my own room (first grade) and I think my kiddos would enjoy a Knex set! 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!!

  98. Christine Hudson says:

    I had to buy one of these for my husband for Christmas…and he is 60 years old…He plays with our granddaughters all the time!!!

  99. Mary Burke says:

    My daughter made me a Knex paper towel holder when she was 12. Now she is 27 and is an architectural engineer at a major construction company. I’m still using her paper towel holder!

  100. Ashley McAmis says:

    We love any of the vehicle K’nex. Our kids have a lot iod fun playing with each other with them!

  101. Amber Castro says:

    My kids love the Super Mario K’nex and the roller coaster sets!

  102. The Kid KNEX look awesome! My son like all things Mario so he would probably choose the Mario Kart set.

  103. I love the Angry Birds set! Would be a wonderful addition to my classroom to teach force and motion or to use for indoor recess!

  104. Stephanie Thompson says:

    My students and I built robots out of K’Nex. But I absolutely love the roller coaster sets!

  105. Rachel Arkens says:

    I love the rollercoaster set! Use it my physics and engineering classes!

  106. Sara calahan says:

    Love the tinker toys and kids k’nex!!

  107. Sarah Glover says:

    My son loves Mario Kart, but my husband and I love the roller coaster!

  108. Jessica wollitz says:

    We love the K’nex thrill ride sets!! My son loves building roller coasters! So much creativity and imagination can go into it!

  109. Kid K’nex & Lincoln Logs!!!

  110. Jennifer Tewell says:

    We love the Lincoln Log Double T Ranch Set

  111. Christine says:

    The K’NEX building set would be the favorite. My kindergarteners would flip over a chance at possibly winning this FREE set. I don’t have K’NEX in the classroom, though I’ve heard many great things about it. 🙂

  112. I like the thrill ride set. I teach science and this would be perfect to use to teach energy.

  113. Cindy Razey says:

    Love K’nex building sets.

  114. Leslie Ashley says:

    I love the lincoln logs, but my son loves the angy birds sets.

  115. Tanya Dynda says:

    I love the STEM Challenge kit! So many possibilities for the engineering mind. This package could help develop my STEM program!

  116. Knexosaurus Rex!

  117. Deb Fidali says:

    Angry birds and roller coasters. Great maker spaces sets.

  118. Love the thrill rides, coasters etc.

  119. Char Davis says:

    My favorite personally are Lincoln logs…my special ed kids also love them. Hoever my childrem love the ferris wheel….and if I won I would so use for my autistic students.

  120. Kelli Kelly says:

    My favorite is the Kid K’Nex sets– Ocean and Farmyard. How fun!

  121. Stephanie Ellegood says:

    Love the Thrill Rides set! Would love to have it for my classroom! 🙂

  122. Jen buckman says:

    We love the Ferris wheel set!

  123. Raemi Vavao says:

    I love the K’NEXosaurous building set.

  124. Kelly McDaniel says:

    My son and I love the Mario sets, I guess it reminds me of my childhood:)

  125. Annie McIlravy says:

    I love the K’NEXosaurus Rex Building Set! My students would love putting it together over and over!

  126. Kathy Holmes says:

    My son loves the roller coaster. He loves building/making anything.

  127. Tinker toys, definitely my fav! 🙂

  128. I would love to win the Mario Kart Set. My kids love Knex and making new creations.

  129. The Thrill Rides lines is one of our favorites!

  130. Becky schrade says:

    I love the roller coaster sets! Challenges the kids.

  131. I love the NASCAR themes set.

  132. Yes please!

  133. Susan Williams says:

    My kids and students love the Mario themed stuff. As a family we love the racing sets

    1. melissa hooks says:

      love them all esp racing sets

  134. Anything Mario works. Love all the games and the k’NEX are a lot of fun.

  135. Mario

  136. Love the Ferris wheel, but all are great! Great learning tools AND fun!

  137. Teri Rodriguez says:

    I would love to have this giveaway. It would be great for my 9 year old son!

  138. I always loved the roller coasters and the farris wheel sets. I am a huge fan of Mario though and the Mario sets look pretty fun!

  139. kimberly lutz says:

    The Mario kart set is awesome !

  140. This is such a kind offer…thank you 🙂 I love, love, love K’nex (and so do my second graders…lol). They offer so many wonderful themes, but I have to say that the Mario themed sets would be adored by the kiddos. I also REALLY like the educational sets, particularly the STEM/Physical Science ones!

  141. Heather A. says:

    Kid k’nex please!

  142. Melissa Meltzer says:

    Roary the racing car

  143. Vickie Oliver says:

    My 16 (almost 17) yr old son loves the Lincoln logs. Lol he had a set when he was little and requested them last year for Christmas. This would be perfect in my classroom. The kids would love them!!

  144. nichole powers says:

    Mario sets have been a hit with my son!

  145. Denise Farnworth says:

    I love the roller coasters!

  146. Ferris Wheel!

  147. I love Plants vs. Zombies, so I’m going to have to go with that set!

  148. I love the Mario and Pac-man theme sets! Many others, but those are my family’s favorites!

  149. Jessica L says:

    I love the robot series, especially the smash!

  150. Lisa Weber says:

    We love the amusement ride themed products!!

  151. Jessica Vallance says:

    I love the simple machines set 🙂

  152. Eu-Det Crawford says:

    The Ferris Wheel!!

  153. I love the Mario set! Mario is by far my favorite gaming character!

  154. Sharon Everudge says:

    My grandson loves tne vehicle building sets. Helicopter, speeders, pirate ship.

  155. Emily Story says:

    I love the car, roller coaster, and Ferris wheel sets.

  156. My son likes the Plants vs. Zombies & the Angry Bird themed sets. The orange bird, Cosmic Bubble, puffs up & then explodes he tells me. Apparently this is very cool for an almost 6 year old! We’d love this set!

  157. Melissa Goebel says:

    My son adores the Mario Kart set!

  158. My kids love the Angry Birds set! I would love to expand our collection with Baby Boy #3 due in a few weeks!

  159. Julie Henderson says:

    I love the model building kits! My students are so very creative with all the figures and vehicles that they create from these kits!

  160. Sandy Essler says:

    My students would absolutely LOVE the Angry Birds set.

  161. Sharon Everudgeg says:

    previous entry had wrong e-mail/ love pirate ship, helicopter, speeders.

  162. Christel Harr says:

    My students and I enjoy the Mario set. With 6th graders it’s hard to get them all to agree, but this is something the all do agree on!

  163. Jamie Hanson says:

    I love the thrill rides! They would be a great addition to my Title One room.

  164. Kristin Brown says:

    I use the Kids K’nex at school for recess as well as Lincoln logs. At home my daughter has the building set and the roller coaster. We love all K’nex products.

  165. victrinia Johnson says:

    Cosmic Quest, but would be happy with any that show force and motion… Can use in classroom for hands on learning

  166. Rachel Harper says:

    My boys and my daughter love the roller coaster sets. We have about three of them. For my youngest two they were honestly a bit of a challenge to put together in the beginning, we needed the whole family to help (which was an added bonus), but now, they are pros!!

  167. Thrill rides!!!!

  168. Kimberle Burnett says:

    We love NASCAR, Lincoln Logs, and Kid K’nex!

  169. Dana Klusener says:

    I love the good old fashioned Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs sets. Been teaching 31 years but still think the old toys are good for the imagination!

  170. Love the Farmyard kid knex!

  171. Mario Kart is the best!!

  172. I love the old fashioned tinker toys, but my son would LOVE the angry birds!

  173. Michele Micheletti says:

    I think the roller coaster K’NEX are awesome! Not only would they be fun to build and play with, but they could help teach kids about physics as well as teamwork while putting it together.

  174. I love the robo sets! I don’t know who would be more excited to play with them… My son or my dad!

  175. Betsy Kraus says:

    The Angry Birds and roller coaster sets!

  176. The roller coaster sets are great! I love the design and problem solving skills that they engage!

  177. Stephanie Harrell says:

    I use thrill ride sets in my classroom.

  178. Like the old fashioned Lincoln logs set

  179. Becky Hodges says:

    I think the Mario Kart ones are really cool, but I LOOOVEEE the roller coaster sets!!!!!

  180. Laura Serrano says:

    Mario Cart and Rollercoaster!!!!

  181. Carey Lee says:

    My boys love building and Mario! This would be perfect for them!

  182. Beth McCauley says:

    I love the Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys and the Rollercoaster sets!!

  183. I had no idea they had so many different types of products! I like the Kid K’NEX for my son and the Education sets for my science classroom!

  184. I’d LOVE to introduce my prek students to K’NEX!

  185. I love the education series! We don’t have any but I teach science, these would be perfect at home and in the classroom.

  186. Aimee Hatteberg says:

    WE like the Trill Rides and compete sets since my kids like to create their own creations and not follow the building guides

  187. Joy Darden says:

    Lincoln Logs are my favorite! I had to beg my mom when I was 6 to let me buy them with money I got for my birthday, she thought I’d really rather have a doll, lol. Did you know that Frank Lloyd Wright’s son invented them? Because I teach 5th grade, these would be incridible for my students as we study US history. We can talk about using resources wisely, how building methods have changed, what makes them strong, how could they design building materials that would enhance these. I can go on an on about how to use them!

  188. I live tinker toys as a kid and ferris whel set.

  189. Luz delph says:

    The thrill ride sets are the best! Hope I can surprise my love bugs with these items!

  190. Darla rodriguez says:

    We do not currently own a themed set of k’nex- we have two huge red case sets of parts and they just love then! They can build high and the pieces stay together! After looking online they would love the Mario art and I think the Kiss theme is just awesome!
    Looks like out next adventure out will be to pick up some of the theme bonus packs to enhance what we already have!

  191. Dawn Napper says:

    I love the Lincoln Logs. I had them as a child and would love to give them to my nephew to enjoy.

  192. I like the old school tinker toys but my son would LOVE the Angry Birds or roller coaster sets…as a single mom & part time teacher (incredibly difficult to find a full time PE position that allows me to take care of my son) I would LOVE to be able to give this to him for Christmas … I would definitely give some to my autistic godson who LOVES K’nex!

  193. Susie Gineau says:

    I love the themed set “Force and Newton’s Law”!

  194. My kiddos love these!!! Favs: Rally Sport Racer and the roller coaster sets 🙂

  195. Jennifer Wright says:

    I love the Ferris wheel!!

  196. I’d love the kids k’nex for my toddler. But we’d also love the high flyers

  197. Pamela Byrd says:

    I love the value buckets. Lots of pieces, just add imagination and creativity!

  198. Lori Cunningham says:

    My kiddo’s love Plants vs. Zombies!

  199. Alishia Irvin says:

    We currently like the Plants vs. Zombies sets but have loved the thrill ride coasters and Ferris wheel, as well as the various kids k’nex sets. K’nex are one of my favorite toys!

  200. peggy hotchkin says:

    Might be showing my age…but I remember my son having a defense station set. Would love these for a classroom!

  201. Jen Johnson says:

    Wow, they have a lot! The rollercoaster sets look so fun, they would be amazing in the classroom!! Or to my nephews, it would be a hard choice.

  202. Donna Gernand says:

    Tinker toy! Can’t beat a classic toy!

  203. Tina Garza says:

    In our house we love the roller coaster sets and Mario. My son would love this!

  204. Kristin Stuekerjuergen says:

    We love all sets, so much fun and challenge our creativity:-)

  205. Stacie Champion says:

    Love this!! Love the Nascar set!

  206. The Ferris wheel looks neat

  207. Rebekah Fisher says:

    We love any building packs in our house, but my son loves to make the transformers into the different things they can be.

  208. Casie Saxton says:

    I would love to win this set!!! I remember building the ferris wheel and roller coaster with my little brother. 🙂 I think that Plants vs. Zombies set looks pretty awesome too! 🙂

  209. Thrill rides looks perfect for studying energy and motion in 2nd grade.

  210. Mallory G. says:

    Growing up, I absolutely loved all of my K’NEX. My absolute favorite were the roller coasters and the Ferris Wheel. 🙂

  211. Al Tisbert says:

    My oldest son and I built the Ferris Wheel from the Building Sets while hanging out in the maternity ward after his brother was born. It took us awhile, but it was so cool when we were finished. We were just discussing how we would love to build one of the roller coasters. I also have a bug set that I use in my kindergarten classroom. The children love it.

  212. Sam Richards says:

    We love Mario

  213. Erin Warden says:

    We love the Lincoln Logs, but those Mario ones would be a big hit too!

  214. Amy Samuel says:

    The Farris wheel

  215. We love the roller coaster set. It is too cool

  216. I LOVE the tinkertoys sets as well my daughter. I use them in my class and she plays with them at home.

  217. I would love the kids k’nex

  218. Elaine H. says:

    I love the Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys, but my son is obsessed with anything with wheels on it, so he would be more interested in something that can move!

  219. I have always love the Lincoln Log sets. It would be so great to win these!

  220. Natalie Mckinney says:

    Love the angry birds set

  221. Stephanie says:

    Super-fun! Count me in!

  222. Kid k’nex

  223. Kahli Claywell says:

    Supersonic Swirl

  224. I love the roller coaster sets! Great for teaching forces in motion!

  225. stephanie letourneau says:

    PlantsVs Zombieeeeeessss!! 🙂

  226. Mary Holdaway says:

    My class loves the set that you can make vehicles out of. They are very imaginative.

  227. The roller costers are fun for everyone to put together. They make fun family time’

  228. Love kid k’nex and Lincoln logs !! Thanks for this giveaway!

  229. Duana Shaffer says:

    What child doesn’t love K’Nex. Even an adult (child at heart)

  230. I love the Thrill Ride sets but Kidz K’nex for the classroom.

  231. My kids love Mario!

  232. Andrea Albergottie says:

    Love the tinker toys one… This would be a great set to have for my Speech Students….I’m just beginning my career as an SLP and could use a little
    Help with supplies 🙂 thanks for offering this give away! ❤️

  233. Ashle Henderson says:

    We love the KISS buildable figures. My 7 year old is a huge KISS fan!

  234. Joey Enriquez says:

    I always liked playing with the Lincoln Logs…my Hot Wheels would drive through them, and they made good roads : )
    I played with Tinker Toys, too, until my sister shoved one up her nose and had to have it removed in the ER. Good times!

  235. Loe the Kid K’nex. My firsties love making crazy creatures with the eyeballs and the silly hands and feet! Great imaginative toys!

  236. Emily Welch says:

    We don’t have any k’nex yet, but my boys would love the dinosaur sets or the Tinker Toys!

  237. I think the family guy knex are a hoot.

  238. Roary the Race Car, the Planes and the Pirate Ship are all wishes here!!!

  239. Scott Allen says:

    I love the roller coasters!

  240. Melissa Russell says:

    I absolutely love Lincoln Logs!

  241. Joanna bergman says:

    I love both the Lincoln logs and the basic knex sets do kids can use their full imagination to create their own worlds! This set would be great for my classroom!

  242. Polly Wilson says:

    I love the building k-nex. They are excellent in the classroom: wonderful for building models and teaching problem solving. AWESOME!!

  243. Scott Piestrak says:

    The Ferris wheel is a great set!

  244. Love the large sets of connect. Our autistic boys built the roller coaster for the science fair! An awesome toy for use in my robotics classes!

  245. Melinda Hayslip says:

    I would love to have this prize in my class….

  246. The Ferris wheel!

  247. The kid knex is my favorite. Inspires do much creativity and the colors are bright! Perfect for 1st graders!

  248. Melissa Lyons says:

    My 6 year old loves Super Mario, Mario Kart, and roller coaster sets

  249. We love the K’Nex Building Sets! My son is free to create his own masterpieces and loves coming up with new ideas to build.

  250. Patricia Fernandez says:

    I like the K’nexsaurus Rex

  251. Jen Blankenship says:

    I love the K’Nex sets! My kids and I spend hours during the winter and bad weather days creating new things! I would love to win!

  252. Kid’s K’NEX love the versitity!

  253. Tiffany Hladik says:

    STEM/physical science looks great.

  254. Samantha jones says:

    We love the angry birds set & all the Mario sets 🙂

  255. Travis Horne says:

    I used to have a dinosaur kinex set; I’d love my kids to get into it!

  256. Debbie Spencer says:

    I love the roller

  257. Patricia Fernandez says:

    We don’t have a set but the K’nexsaurus Rex looks really cool

  258. Iloved the newton’s law set it was my maiden name!

  259. Debbie Spencer says:

    I love the roller coasters

  260. Debra Bryant says:

    My son loves the K’NEXosaurus Rex Building set! He plays with it non stop.

  261. I like the angry birds set!!

  262. Elizabeth says:

    I love the pirate set! And all of the coasters!

  263. Tonya Bernard says:

    Roller Coasters of coarse!!!

  264. Laura Harshberger says:

    Love the Ferris wheel and roller coaster!

  265. Kimberly McGann says:

    The Ferris wheel! This would be great for indoor recess!

  266. Mario would go over well at home and in class!

  267. I love the plain building sets. So many things to build.

  268. Kara c Mishoe says:

    The serpents roller coaster. It had cars that went up and around. Awesome fun!

  269. Randi Short says:

    It’s a tough choice between the Thrill Rides and the Lincoln Logs, but I think there is something so wonderful about the Classic Lincoln Logs.

  270. Lincoln logs!!

  271. James Kretschmar says:

    The roller coasters are hands down the moat amazing thing ever!

  272. Jennifer Sander says:

    My son and I just had a debate over which set is the best. He thinks Super Mario (although we do not have The Super Mario set), I think Lincoln Logs. In an era of video games and technology, I think that any toy that can get the kids away from the television and video games is fabulous. I love the ability to manipulate the objects and to use your imagination is invaluable!

  273. Maria Eaton says:

    Kid k’nex, but the roller coaster one would be great in a math class.

  274. Mario themed set!

  275. Axelle Faulkner says:

    I LOVE the tinker toy set for indoor recess and even for manipulatives in recess and sometimes even during ELA.

  276. Tina Wilcox says:

    I always loved the Ferris Wheel, but looking at their choices, I think I would also love the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the helicopter. My most favorite, however, is watching the students make their own creations based on what’s in front of them. They always have trouble coming up with stories to write, but when it comes to building with K’nex, their imaginations are suddenly soaring.

  277. We love the roller coaster! They are all wonderful sets!

  278. My kids love the Mario Kart sets!

  279. Olga Montoya says:

    I love the k”nex roller coaster sets!!

  280. I love the lincoln log sets!! I remember my 2nd grade teacher introduced me to those and if we had in door recess I would always play with those!!

  281. Heather B says:

    Love the Mario Carts sets. This would be great to use for indoor recess!

  282. Shannon Stockton says:

    I love the kid k’nex. The farm animal set is really great!

  283. Rebecca Hansen says:

    I came across our first K’NEX building set about 15 years ago at a yard sale – a complete roller coaster set. My son loved it, and I still think it’s one of the best building sets out there for engineering principles. I’m excited to find the STEM/Physical Science link on the K’NEX website – this will be a great resource as I plan the transition to the Next Generation Science Standards for elementary school!

  284. Julie Venglarcik says:

    I used K’Nex this summer in a STEM summer camp. The kids & I just LOVED building a roller coaster with K’ Nex. I love the look of their Thrill Rides! We would enjoy any K’Nex set because they are so versatile! Thanks for this opportunity!

  285. Christine says:

    As a first year teacher I would love the Ferris wheel set! What a great addition to a classroom!

  286. Lincoln logs are awesome!

  287. We have lots of random pieces from random sets. Love them! They stay together much better than Legos, and the instruction booklets are great! Any set is awesome!

  288. I would have to say after looking at their website I would have to say the Amazin’ 8 Roller Coaster or Corkscrew Coaster would be my favorite. I could use them in my classroom as well.

  289. Shannon Arczynski says:

    I’m an educator and I love the science and math manipulative 🙂

  290. Darlene Kirby says:

    Farmyard Friends Building Set would be wonderful in my TK class, they love to build and we do not have this set!

  291. New teacher here, would love this for fun Fridays!

  292. Amber White says:

    The roller coasters are a great set in the classroom! My classroom is specifically for children with Autism. A great way to teach simple skills as cause and effect, gravity, and all the way to building and physics. Love it!

  293. Love the Ferris Wheel!!

  294. diana dobson says:

    I love them all because there is something for everyone!

  295. Laurie Lewis says:

    My favorites are the K’Nex Cosmos and the K’Nex Education kits. I am a mother of a son who LOVES K’Nex and we spend hours together building items and letting our imagination soar as well as a teacher who uses K’Nex in the classroom as often as possible.

  296. Michaelynn Brown says:

    Kids K’nex and Thrill seeker

  297. Kris Sandwell says:

    I would probably love all of them. My students are always trying to make new things with anything I give them. It would definitely be interesting to see what we could come up with – especially if there is anyway that they could incorporate space, aliens, etc.

  298. Janice Belcuore says:

    Dating myself but we still have the Rollercoadter together that my now, 24 year old son put together when he was 8. Love it!!!

  299. We love the knex roller coaster. Boys have been looking at the mario set

  300. I have 3 nephews and they all LOVE to this kind of thing! I would LOVE to win this! Love your blog!

  301. Love all the roller coaster ones, and the education sets! Actually love all of them!

  302. Elizabeth says:

    My fave is the roller coaster sets. Everyone loves a good coaster ride. What’s more fun then getting to create the coaster?

  303. Julie Pirtle says:

    My favorite is the Ferris wheel and the roller coaster. Hours if fun

  304. Tomi Roybal says:

    Tinkertoys definitely for my kindergarteners! 🙂

  305. Ann Marie Armstrong says:

    The roller coaster set is the favorite in our house.

  306. Wendolyn Fernandez says:

    I am a sucker for anything with angry birds. I’m such a big kid at heart and my students love it as well.

  307. Brandi Knippling says:

    The roller coaster set is so neat!

  308. Connie K. says:

    I’d like anything I can use with my daughter – roller coasters would be fun.

  309. Nekesha Matthews says:

    As an art teacher, these would be great in promoting creativity in my room. I have always used Legos, but looking at these sets are making me think these would be pretty awesome.I have to say the plants vs zombies would be my favorite set.

  310. Stacy Short says:

    I like the Angry Birds theme! 🙂

  311. I still have one of the original sets from when they 1st came out with the book to build all kinds of different things. I even built the Ferris wheel once. 🙂

  312. Teresa Rose says:

    Love that there are so many different themes/sets, but I’m more inclined to get the more basic sets. The Kids Knex, K’Nex building set, Lincoln Logs, and Tinker Toys are my favorite.

  313. Ginny Box says:

    My grandson loves all of the sets! He thinks Mario is cool!

  314. I love these and so would my class! My favorite is the dinosaur set. What a way to build and explore learning!

  315. Love the dinosaur and roller coaster sets.

  316. I always loved building the Ferris wheel! But I also love the tubs so you can just build whatever comes to your imagination!

  317. My son loves anything with Mario.

  318. Nohemy Aguirre says:

    I know a special de teacher that could really use this with her students. Thanks!

    1. Nohemy Aguirre says:


  319. Lauren Mendoza says:

    My kids would love the mario theme sets the best!

  320. Love the roller coaster 🙂

  321. Kyndra Milbrath says:

    Roller coaster sets looks fun.

  322. Denise Thaxton says:

    We love the roller coasters the best.

  323. Stephanie G. says:

    Mario K’nex ALL THE WAY!!! 🙂

  324. Angie Kimmons says:

    Definitely the thrill rides set!

  325. I love the Lincoln Logs theme it is used regularly in my classroom, but the Mario theme would be a great addition to incorporate.

  326. Nita Garcia says:

    My class really enjoyed building the roller coaster but sometimes they would get really creative building other things.

  327. Trinity Truair says:

    Mario Kart & Plants vs Zombies are my son’s favorite!

  328. Christy Bassett says:

    We love the building sets. They are so fun and versatile.

  329. I absolutely LOVE the amusement park projects!

  330. My son loves building toys and Mario Cart. This looks fantastic!

  331. Katie Haymore says:

    There are so many cool Knex out there. I really love the roller coaster!

  332. I love the TinkerToy sets, but my daughter loves the Angry Bird sets!

  333. Mary McMichen says:

    I love all building sets.

  334. Tamara Dodge says:

    Kid K’Nex and roller coaster

  335. carrie singleton says:

    We have one basic set of K’Nex at home. I had no idea they have Mario Kart! I know what my 7 year old daughter is getting for Christmas now. :0)

  336. Stephanie Davis says:

    We have the roller coaster set and loved putting it together as a family. We would definitely love more!

  337. Blaine elliott says:

    Star shooting roller coaster set!!

  338. Simple machines

  339. Judy Pier says:

    I have a small general set, but I would like the roller coaster sets to use in my force and motion science unit for my 3rd grade class!

  340. Stephanie says:

    My children and I love to build Farris wheels with them.

  341. judid esquivel says:

    Roller Coaster and Mario Bros. Are fun!!

  342. Would love the roller coaster sets!

  343. Joanie Novak says:

    Hi, love the Plants vs Zombies set! Would love some for my classroom.

  344. Melissa Patterson says:

    Interesting that this came up… My son is building a KNex Roller Coaster right now!

  345. Tamara Dodge says:

    Roller coaster and kid K’Nex

  346. Gladys Parker says:

    Extreme Sorts Building Set

  347. Debbie McKinley says:

    Love Lincoln Logs and just basic K’NEX for my first grade kids.

  348. Kid K’nex! These would be great for my new pre-k classroom!

  349. Angela Tyler says:

    I love the Ocean Buddies set.

  350. Steph Johnson says:

    My kindergarteners love using the Kids K’Nex set that I received as a hand-me-down. 🙂 I love the good ol’ Lincoln Logs…they bring back great childhood memories.

  351. My son would love this. Hours of fun.

  352. Crystal Rios says:

    Funny, we just played with the roller coaster set here at our house this morning! 6, 14 & 15 years old all PLAYING together! 🙂

  353. Shelley Hawkins says:

    Lincoln Logs…I don’t think my kids know what those are!

  354. Holly Kellogg says:

    I believe investing solar energy kit would be ideal for my special education class because we are moving into that unit this year and it’d be perfect since we live in Arizona!

  355. Carmen Atkinson says:

    My son and I loved building the Supersonic Twirl!! It was a blast.

  356. I like the roller coaster set! It’s great!

  357. I have no experience with the K’nex, but I am a computer teacher and love the Stem and Computer themed kits!

  358. Rina de Guzman says:

    You can’t really beat the Super Mario theme! There’s nothing like linking the left and right side of the brain by building elements of Super Mario games and seeing it come to life!

  359. Kristen Tulley says:

    I love the K’NEXosaurus Rex and would LOVE having it in my class for indoor recess. Thank you!!

  360. Theresa Clayton says:

    I like the Lincoln Logs.
    I could use them in my class when
    we discuss pioneers moving west
    and building log cabins.

  361. The Mario one is a favorite for sure! Also love the roller coasters!

  362. Veronica Sanchez says:

    My boys love the Rollercoaster K’next set!

  363. Tobie Botta says:

    I love the roller coasters!

  364. We love the thrill ride sets at my house, but I am sure a Mario cart set would be accepted as well. 🙂

  365. Priscilla Mikulec says:

    The star roller coaster looks cool! We’ve never owned K’nex, so this is a great opportunity, thanks for sharing it! : )

  366. Tosha wall says:

    This would be awesome! Love your posts!!!

  367. Sadie Rahn says:

    The Ocean Buddies Kids Knex looks awesome!

  368. April Cruz says:

    Roller coaster theme set is awesome. I love Lincoln logs too!

  369. Sarah Murphy says:

    The roller-coaster ones are always a blast.

  370. Jenn Walker says:

    The roller coaster K’Nex are awesome! I love using K’Nex for science class AND as a special choice time reward!

  371. Caitlin Craig says:

    I love Lincoln logs and the rollercoaster! Such fun 🙂

  372. Kerry Baggett says:

    I have always loved Lincoln Logs and I love the Ferris Wheel!!!

  373. Elisha Noe says:

    I played with Kinex as a kid. My little girl would love these.

  374. Definitely the roller coaster theme set!!!

  375. Angela Forbes says:

    Mario K’nex are a big hit in my house!

  376. Linda Rood says:

    So hard to choose! I love the roller coaster and also the education themes. When my son was little Knex were his favorite toy!

  377. Love Lincoln logs, but any set is awesome really! 🙂

  378. The roller coaster set. Definitely

  379. I love the TinkerToy set. It reminds me of the fun I had with TinkerToys and it would be great for creative building in my classroom.

  380. I like the thriller ride theme.

  381. Chris Ruskin says:

    We love the Mario!

  382. Debbie Cross says:

    We have played with knex for years. We love the roller-coaster and theme park rides for building.

  383. Emily Hixon says:

    I love the 70 model building set… So many possibilities!

  384. I love the Lincoln log sets and the Kid K’Nex!

  385. Ferris wheel set is the best!

  386. Nicole S. says:

    I like the Farmyard Friends Set.

  387. Jan Williams says:

    Iive in Jacksonville Illinois where we make Ferris wheels do the Ferris wheel set would be very nice yo teach STEM

  388. Melissa Campana says:

    We’ve always loved the Amusement Park themed sets. Whether it’s a roller coaster or Ferris wheel, seeing them run is so cool!

  389. I teach Science and I like the simple machInes kits.

  390. Marilyn Burrell says:

    Lincoln Logs and roller coaster!

  391. Jennifer Aaron says:

    My kids LOVE the Angry Birds and Plants vs. Zombies sets. What fun!

  392. I like the Education introduction to simple machines set. Great hands one opportunity to learn parts in motion.

  393. Debbie Byrne says:

    Love all K’NEX… Very useful for STEM… My favorite is the Rler Coaster!!!
    Thanks for doing this 🙂

  394. Rollercoasters

  395. Kim Shealy says:

    The thrill rides!

  396. Sommer W. says:

    I’ve always love K’nex. They were a great learning tool when I was a kid in school, and continue to be a great tool for the classroom, plus my boys at home love to build and try out new things!

  397. mariel manrique says:

    My family loves Mario. So we are very thankful they have creative ones that let us have fun to rest from videogames.

  398. The Classic Lincoln Logs have always been my favorite!

  399. Allison Asaro says:

    My son loves the Roller Coasters and Ferris Wheel!

  400. Erin brurud says:

    Love the basic set! The Ferris wheel would be a super add on!

  401. Julie Mooney says:

    I love the roller coster sets by K’Nex.

  402. Jennifer Gallop says:

    My students and I love the K’NEXosaurus Rex!

  403. Jeannie Seip says:

    Roller Coaster

  404. Jennifer white says:

    We love the extreme coasters and pirate themed kits!!!

  405. Michelle Strimel says:

    I teach a self-contained special education classroom. They love all the car ones. We have some but not many.

  406. Belinda Healey says:

    The geometry set was great for my 5th grade class! I would love to have more!!!

  407. The Lincoln Logs and TinkerToys were always my favorite! I have been very tempted to spend the money to get these for my classroom!

  408. Catriona Martin says:

    My son and I have enjoyed the race car!

  409. Mandi Russell says:

    I love the original lincoln logs. Until this post I didn’t realize they were part of the K’nex family.

  410. Got to go with the old standard -Lincoln Logs

  411. The thrill rides! My 7 year old loves building the coasters with his dad and adding toys to the cars to see if they will stay on throughout the ride. 🙂

  412. LOVE the Tinker Toys. I use Knex in my classroom all the time.

  413. Paulette moses says:

    Well use the forces and motion kit in science and LOVE it!!

  414. Would love to win!

  415. Christina P says:

    Big Mario fans here! My son loved his K’NEX!

  416. Ami Bombardieri says:

    As a director of a childcare facility, with Pre-k and private kindergarten, my school age children would love the education k’nex. All ages can us this prize. Would love the chance.

  417. Colleen Beyer says:

    Love the Lincoln Logs!! My kids enjoy playing with them to help build their creations 🙂

  418. I would love this, so that I can introduce my grandson to a wonderful world of fun other than computer games, I love the Lincoln Logs !

  419. Rachel S. says:

    Love the Pac-Man set!

  420. Nancy Wilson says:

    The Lincoln Logs are a favorite. I remember them fondly from my childhood, but my grandsons love to build also.

    1. Holly Simmons says:

      I like the roller coaster and Ferris wheel themes, because girls and boys would both enjoy them. Either those or just the plain sets, where they must use their imagination, rather than have a theme.

  421. Robin Kirk says:

    I like the building sets. I like that it encourages problem solving in building structures and is only limited by their imagination! Learning while they play…doesn’t get much better!

  422. Kathy heath says:

    Super Mario

  423. micki uppena says:

    I love the Ferris wheel!

  424. Kira Hassler Newsom says:

    Lincoln logs are the best.

  425. Monica House says:

    Anything Mario. My students aren’t picky though. 🙂

  426. It is The Big Ball Factory. It is an old set, but my brother and I got it for Christmas when we were younger and it holds a lot of memories.

  427. If I based my answer on my childhood I would have to choose the Lincoln Logs. If I based my answer on my sons favorite video game I would have to choose Mario Kart. After checking out all of the varieties that K’NEX offers, I’m having a hard time picking a favorite for a primary classroom. These kits are awesome!!! Thank you for sharing this giveaway with all of us!!!

  428. I love the Cosmic Quest, but my boys are loving the Super Mario and Pac- Man sets.

  429. Billenda Osborn says:

    I love the Lincoln Logs. A classic that is still a favorite.

  430. Amy Kelly says:

    I have 2 boys (age 5&7) and after looking through the different sets, they love the Mario Kart sets and the race cars/dump trucks/plane sets! We do not have any K’NEX sets but they would love one! Fingers crossed!

  431. Can you say fun??? Love all but especially the ferris wheel.

  432. I love Lincoln Logs…I bought one set for indoor recess and the kids love them. If I win I will take anything!

  433. Amber Rutherford says:

    Love these! Ferris wheel is very cool!!

  434. I have played the Knex education with students they love it.

  435. Mary Anne says:

    I would really like to implement “Simple Machines” into my curriculum, and I think this would compliment.

  436. It really is hard to decide. I like the Angry Birds, The Family Guy, and Kiss!

  437. JoAnna Mitchell says:

    My favorite set is the Mario Cart sets. Thanks

  438. Lincoln logs 🙂 brings back memories of building for hours!

  439. Diahann G. Heverly says:

    Lincoln Logs are the best. So are the amusement theme parks. Kids love to build!

  440. Beth Robinett says:

    As a science teacher I have to go with Roller Coasters!!!,!!!!

  441. Karen Lopez says:

    Ferris Wheel set:)

  442. Andrea Williams says:

    We love the extreme sports packages!!

  443. Christina H says:

    My kids love the k’nex Education sets.

  444. Tinkertoys

  445. The Ferris wheel set is cool!

    1. Dianah Johnson says:

      We have built so many but live the roller coaster!!!

  446. Casey Boothby says:

    Thrill rides K’nex rock!!!

  447. Tinker toys all the way!

  448. Krisha Leyva says:

    Love motion and forces.

  449. In my Head Start classroom, we love the roller coaster sets! Wish we could have more for everyone!

  450. I really like the simple machines set! Great for teaching science!

  451. Amusement Park Experience (any of the educational kits really)- Great for teaching and getting kids to have fun and be interested in middle school science!

  452. Gloria W. says:

    I really like the Lincoln logs set

  453. Michele Dey says:

    Love, love, love K’nex!!!

  454. Clarissa Guzman says:

    I like kid k’nex the best

  455. carol hogerman says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the roller coaster kits!! Can’t ride them anymore, but do love to build them~ thanks!!

  456. Lincoln Logs are my all time favorite!

  457. I really liked building the ferris wheel with my kids.

  458. Monica Kessinger says:

    The roller coaster set has been a huge hit in my classroom during indoor recess and our simple machines unit. Would love to add these to the collection!

  459. Our family has modge podge… Every set we own is in one big box. Breads creativity!

  460. My kids love the roller coasters!!

  461. I loved building the ferris wheel with my kids.

  462. Kellie Giannelli says:

    Definitely the the roller coaster and Ferris wheel!

  463. Shannon Trout says:

    I love roller coaster physics!

  464. Love any of the coaster themed sets, but my son loves the Mario sets!

  465. Tina garza says:

    I use the roller coaster sets with my 3rd graders. They make a lap book about roller coasters and then build them together.

  466. Cynthia Reyenga says:

    My favorite is Lincoln Logs. I spent countless hours with them as a child!

  467. Meredith r says:

    Knexosaurus Rex!

  468. Janna Michaels says:

    Coasters or race tracks

  469. I love the Ocean Buddies. What a great thing that they give you one and one to share!

  470. Nicole W. says:

    My kiddo would LOVE the Mario Kart sets!

  471. Ferris wheel set looks cool 🙂

  472. Velma gibson says:

    My family loved the Ferris wheel set best. Haven’t built any resently would be fun if we won!

  473. Glenda Ross says:

    K’nex classroom collection

  474. Roller coasters!!

  475. Michele Morrison says:

    We like the Bowser’s Castle building set!

  476. Barbara C. Walsh says:

    I love the Lincoln Log set. It reminds me of the set that my brother and I used to play with when we were little, during a much simpler time. I am just starting out as a new teacher and my students would love this set for free play. Thank you for sharing and being so generous!

  477. Heidy de la Puente says:

    My favorite is Lincoln Logs!

  478. The roller coasters and race car sets!

  479. Tandy Braid says:

    Kids Kinnex for my Kinder Klass!!! * Yes I had to do that!!

  480. Karen Michael says:

    Kids k-nex set is only set I ordered for my homeroom. My students thoroughly enjoyed the set and I look forward to what we can experiment with in the future

  481. Karen Michael says:

    Kids k-nex set is only set I ordered for my homeroom. My students thoroughly enjoyed the set and I look forward to what we can experiment with in the future

  482. Ocean theme.

  483. Would love to win this!
    I teach children with Autism ages 8-10.

  484. Melissa Edwards says:

    I love the Lincoln Logs but my grandson would said Mario Cart!

  485. Ruth Guess says:

    The Nascar would be something my grandson would love!

  486. I like the Supersonic Swirl

  487. Natalie McGarvey says:

    Building sets… This would be wonderful to use in my classroom!

  488. Roller coasters all the way!!!!

  489. Nancy Mears says:

    We love the roller coasters.

  490. Christy Lopez says:

    The rollercoasters the so fun!

  491. Liz Goldsmith says:

    Rollercoasters, Ferris Wheels & Mario Cart sets

  492. Christal Walton says:

    I love the roller coasters. They are not only fun to build, but also a fun way to teach physics.

  493. Jennifer Gardner says:

    I lik the t-rex and robot sets.

  494. Mario!

  495. We love the Titan Fall collection! We would love this set too.

  496. The ferris wheel set is great.

  497. Deb Richmond says:

    I love the Cosmic Quest and the Truck building sets!

  498. Susan Elledge says:

    My son would love the Angry Birds or Pac Man. I like tinker toys and Lincoln logs.

  499. I like the corkscrew coaster.

  500. Nadine Aubel says:

    Fav are Tinkertoy and Lincoln Log Set. They are proven toys.

  501. I really like the Cosmic Quest set.

  502. Michele Mendon says:

    We got just a basic set of K’NEX for my son and he LOVED it! It came with an instruction booklet on how to make several different models from the pieces included. His favorites were a race car and a T-Rex! 🙂

  503. Sheila Daughtry says:

    There are so many wonderful sets to choose from! I think a great product that would be fun, and also go along with one of our class themes is Ocean Buddies.♡ I love it.

  504. My Husband and I enjoy building the rollercoasters, while my oldest son had been introduced to the kid k’nex and the regular k’nex tubs which are tons of fun for him as well.

  505. Kimberly Rudelitch says:

    I love all, however i love Pacman and the roller coasters!!!

  506. Tammy Anderson says:

    The roller coaster theme would be perfect for force and motion in Kindergarten!!

  507. Jeni williams says:

    Roller coaster!

  508. Roller coaster set!!

  509. I like all of the building sets. I use them in my classroom as a tool during science to explain structure and how every detail is important. I would love a set of my own.

  510. Jessica P says:

    We love the Ferris wheel!

  511. love the TinkerToys

  512. Martha K. says:

    Well, we first started out with the Lincoln Logs, but my son (now 7) loves the K’NEXosaurus Rex! 🙂 Thanks for this opportunity! 🙂

  513. The KNEX thrill rides looks awesome.

  514. We love the Mark Kart sets in our house. This would be awesome for a Christmas surprise.

  515. Stacey Faires says:

    I like the K’nexosaurus Rex set the best but love them all!!

  516. Juli Sullivan says:

    I love the kid k’nex especially the ocean set. I think the possibilities are endless!!

  517. I LOVE the Mario one!! My daughter recently became a HUGE Mario fan! Her birthday party next weekend is Mario themed!

  518. I love the treasure chest or roller coaster sets!!

  519. Casey day says:

    I love the education sets, like the STEM exploration one!

  520. I love the roller coaster sets but I also like the treasure set. It’s a great way to allow for creativity.

  521. I love the kids k’nex farm set! So cute for the little guys!

  522. Craig Lewis says:

    The rollercoaster set

  523. Miisha Webb says:

    The roller coaster set would be great for my class

  524. Roller coaster set

  525. What an awesome give away!

  526. yvonne lopez says:

    ROAR!! the K’NEXosaurus Rex Building Set rocks!

  527. Aneysa Hart says:

    I love the Farris Wheel!

  528. Wanda Ethridge says:

    The shopping spree game is my fav!!! Who doesn’t love to shop. 🙂

  529. Wanda Ethridge says:

    The shopping spree game is my fav!!

  530. Lisa Martinez says:

    I love tinker toys. I’ve had my set since I was ten. My kids have played with it and now I use it in my classroom.

  531. Barbara Jenkins says:

    The Lincoln Log set has always been our favorite!!! Now that I have a grandson, we can pass on the K’NEX tradition!!!

  532. love the cars!!!

  533. Jane Olley says:

    My students love the ferris wheel set.

  534. My son would love this! The Supersonic Swirl looks like lots of fun!

  535. The pirate set looks awesome…the Lincoln Logs set looks like so much fun to build with…so many choices!!

  536. Stephanie says:

    I could really use these in my classroom.

  537. Jessica D. says:

    Wow, I really love the Exploring Machines set for the upper grades of middle school!

  538. RAiny Pickering says:

    Roller coaster

  539. Ali Little says:

    I grew up playing with Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs, so those two K’nex products would be my ultimate favorite. When I first started teaching 5 years ago, I inherited a basic set of K’nex and have loved watching my students using their creative imaginations to build and construct different things!

  540. Terri wakild says:

    I teach forces and motion so the roller coaster would be perfect!

  541. Ana Maxwell says:

    Oh my brains! Plants Vs. Zombies is going to be our new favorite! I will have to look for this now because my 4 year old boy and I love to build together and since he likes them he would love to build them and then pretend they are eating brains arghhh 😀

  542. Catherine Rockenstein says:

    I love the K’nex Roller Coaster set!

  543. I like the Angry Birds best!

  544. Jenna Wilston says:

    I love the tinkertoys; they were my favorite growing up!

  545. We love the motorized set we got years ago it is still going strong today and has been made into many differs things over the years. My students also love using these when we are working on the engineering next generation science standards but I have to steal mine from home to bring to the classroom would love some to stay at school

  546. 1They all look like fun! My favorites of the ones I’ve seen in person are the ferris wheel and rollercoaster.

  547. Melissa Norwood says:

    I love the rollover coasters and simple machines!

  548. Laura Hernandez says:

    I loooove Tinker Toys!!! love love love them!!

  549. I’ve not had much experience with K’nex, but my students would LOVE the roller coaster set!!

  550. Amanda Dorris says:

    Love the roller coaster set! My kids would love to win this!

  551. My own children’s all time favoforite is the roller coasters!!! And my student’s favorite is the ferris wheel!!! My fingers are crossed!!!

  552. I love the sets of 35 or 70 because I love to see what the young minds come up with. They are extremely creative!

  553. Wendi Egnew says:

    I love the Thrill Rides. Great way to teach cooperative learning and creative thinking. I love to use these and then have my students write clear instructions on how to build their rides!

  554. The KISS set is awesome. I’d love to have that one for me!

  555. Roller Coaster Physics!

  556. Teri Nordhoff says:

    I love the k’nex class set and the roller coasters.

  557. I grew up playing with K’NEX. I didn’t know they had developed a “K’NEX for education” section. There are some really great science and math kits that I would love to use in my classroom (especially the solar power kit).