TI-nSpire CX Calculator #Giveaway

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 This giveaway is sponsored by me! It is NOT in the packaging but it IS brand new!

texas instruments calculator

Last year I attended a breakfast with Texas Instruments and they gifted us this brand new (NOT in packaging) TI-nSpire CX Calculator that I wanted to give to one of my readers that needed one! It’s just sitting in my office collecting dust and I would much rather know that a family received it that needed one!! I know it doesn’t have the packaging but it’s never been used and these things are NOT cheap – they are well over $100!! You can read my review that I posted last year on this product here.

This is going to be a SUPER SUPER easy giveaway!! Just LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW letting me know why you need to win! That’s IT!! (winner will be chosen randomly. giveaway open to US only and ends at 10pm EST August 17, 2013.)

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  1. Amanda Edwards says:

    I am a second year teacher;first year as a fifth grade math and science teacher. I have very little supplies of any kind in my new classroom. This calculator would be a great addition to my classroom!

  2. Teresa Wilson says:

    I am a second year teacher in a high poverty school. My students do not come to school with any supplies, therefore I purchase all needed supplies. I also have two high school boys of my own who need this type of calculator for their own math classes. As you know, it isn’t easy living on a teachers salary, this calculator would lighten my back to school expenses. Thank you for considering me! 🙂

  3. Amy Maute says:

    I need to purchase 2 calculators this year- one for each of my twin boys. I can’t believe how expensive they are!!!

  4. Kelly Cappell says:

    My daughter is entering middle school and will need one of these for the next several years. Science is her favorite subject and math isn’t far behind.

  5. We are a full time missionary family who love in south TX just 12 miles from the Mexico border. We have 3 kids who homeschool and this would be a huge asset for our family. Our daughter is going in 7th grade this year and a calculator like this is not affordable for us given that we are self supporting missionaries and are still working to raise 100% support.

  6. Amy Maute says:

    I have twin boys who both need calculators like this for school this year. I can’t believe how expensive they are! Unfortunately they can’t share So it means I have to buy two expensive calculators! 🙂

  7. Audrey Smith says:

    I would greatly appreciate this. I am going to college right now to get my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. I have a math class this semester coming up and next semester. But I sadly can not afford my own especially since my books are costing me close to a thousand dollars. I have been trying to find someone to borrow one from, but everyone has already sold theirs. This would help me get through the classes. Then I can share it with my nephew who is entering high school and will need it for my math classes. Then his brother is entering high school a year after him. So it will get good use. After that, I would pass it along to someone else who needs it as long as it is still working and in good condition, which it should be. Thanks!

  8. Would like to win this for my daughter for school.

  9. We don’t have any graphing calculators for our students to use. They will be borrowing my personal one. I would love to win this.

  10. I could really use this calculator. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  11. Heather Holty says:

    I would like to introduce technology more in my classroom.

  12. Our students are starting algebra this year and this would be a great help to them.

  13. Hi, I retired last year due to a bout with cancer but I still volunteer at my school a few days a week It is a parochial school which doesn’t have a lot of “extra” funds for high tech stuff. I would really like to give this to my school for the students. Thanks for the chance to participate.

  14. dee wikters says:

    wiykd be great

  15. I would like to win this to help me out with my math classes!

  16. Carolyn S says:

    We have two boys going into high school…this would be a blessing…( having a newborn does affect the back to school budget for sure!

  17. I would like to win for dh. Could use for work.

  18. I’m a college student going for a teaching degree. Any way I can save money is appreciated!

  19. Would live to win this for my classroom. Trying to introduce more technology in my classroom.

  20. Pippa Nelson says:

    I would love to win this for my classroom. I teach advanced math and the students always have more advanced technology than me and I don’t know how to use it! Please help me not look dumb! 🙂

  21. I am a high school special education teacher. I am also trying to finish up my math endorsement. This calculator would come in handy for both work and college for me.

  22. Elizabeth Davison says:

    I am a special education teacher and could really use the calculator. I teach at a Title 1 school and supplies are very limited.

  23. Brittanie says:

    This is what my son needs for school and can’t afford it. I’m not a teacher but that’s because my mom who is 53 has bone cancer and only has a few months to live and being low income and not being able to work to help my mom is making it a but harder for me to get 4 boys ready for school.

  24. I am a history teacher, but I would like to send it to a teacher friend of mine who is in teach for America and is in dire need of basic supplies. I am sending her some basic supplies, but this would be a phenomenal gift to her and her students.

  25. I’m a 3rd year chemistry teacher. This would be awesome to use for technology integration into data collection in lab.
    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  26. PinchingAbe says:

    I would love to win, mainly because like many others, our school is short on funds!

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  27. Brenda R. says:

    While I am an ELA teacher, my daughters’ both prefer math. They love math so much that they practice for fun. All the time. My oldest is in 7th grade this year and is taking Algebra 1, earning a high school credit. With her goals set sky high, her future math courses will be wonderfully intense. A calculator like this would help her tremendously, and we could really use the financial break of winning one. I spend a lot of money to support my classroom, this would be a blessing.

    1. Brenda R. says:

      Gotta love the apostrophe mistake in a post identifying myself as an ELA teacher. Geez-Louise! I edited and changed some of my original post, but didn’t remove that little punctuation mark. Doh!

  28. I would love this for my classroom! I’m a first year math teacher!

  29. R. Downey says:

    I would love to win this to use throughout the rest of my college classes and to use in my future classroom!

  30. Priscilla Mikulec says:

    This wouldn’t actually be for my personal use. I am an educational interpreter in a high school and I work with some great deaf and hard of hearing students. One in particular excels at math, but doesn’t own a calculator. His mom was very ill and hospitaized for a time last year bringing hardship to his family. He is taking advanced math this year and will again next year, this would be amazing for him to use for his favorite subject!! I can’t think of anybody more deserving.

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