DIY NO FAIL Easter Home Decor Apothecary Jars

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DIY No Fail Easter Home Decor Jars

I love working with Oriental Trading and I knew just what I wanted to do when they offered to send me some Easter supplies for my DIY home decor project! Having an extremely active toddler in my home means I pretty much have NO time to even think about decorating or doing anything remotely elaborate so I resorted this year to creating a NO FAIL DIY Easter home decor in apothecary jars! These apothecary jars were a must have to put my no fail Easter decor plan into place! PLUS they can be used all year for other decor too!

DIY Easter Home Decor Apothecary Jar
The GREAT thing about this DIY Easter home decor is that there is NO right or wrong! I’m going to share with you exactly what I put in my jars in case you want to reproduce it exactly but you can easily change it up to match your style! In addition to the 3 set of jars I received I also requested Easter craft foam stickers, Easter chick & bunny eggs, Easter Egg lollipops, and Easter grass. I specifically chose these all because they are brightly colored and kid-friendly and incredibly simple to just pop in a jar!

DIY Easter Home Decor Apothecary Jar
I placed the Easter grass in the bottom of each jar and then decided to decorate all 3 jars differently. And let me tell you – that Easter grass goes a LOOOONG way! I was shocked how much my little packages of Easter grass spread!

In the first jar I simply placed an Easter chick on top of the “grass” and placed some of the Easter foam stickers around it!

In the second jar I placed two of the Easter eggs in it – I absolutely LOVE those cute bunny & chick eggs!!! My toddler went crazy when she saw the package of them and tore off through the house with them! Needless to say she got to keep one while I set to work!

DIY Easter Home Decor Apothecary Jar

So for the last jar I really wanted to showcase those cute Easter egg lollipops I ordered. They were so festive I really wanted to incorporate them into my Easter decor and thankfully they ended up being the perfect height for my jars. I took a small lump of play dough (or clay!) and pressed it into the bottom of my apothecary jar and positioned the lollipops into it for more stability. Then I covered it up with grass and laid in one Easter chick egg!

DIY Easter Home Decor Apothecary Jar

It was THAT simple! Nothing fancy – no mess – just colorful fun Easter home decor!

DIY Easter Home Decor Apothecary Jar

This little Easter home decor is SO cheery I’ll be sad to put them away after the holiday! (although my kids will be glad to eat theĀ lollipops!) Once I take the Easter decor out of the jars I want to put in some of these butterflies with some realistic terrarium moss! Decorative apothecary jars don’t have to be fancy or elaborate – something as simple as some Easter grass and a few fun Easter eggs can be the perfect touch to spruce up your room!

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