EASY Celebration Birthday Cupcake Cones Tutorial

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We made these EASY EASY EASY (did I say EASY?!) Birthday Cupcake Cones for my husband’s birthday this past summer but since our 3rd baby, (and 1st daughter!!) is due to be born this week I thought it fitting to post this quick tutorial! PLUS it’s the PERFECT baking experience for kids of ANY age – even your little ones can help!

birthday cupcake cones tutorial

FIRST – mix up a batch of cupcake batter – whether or not you choose to make it homemade from scratch or from a box mix doesn’t matter! Both work fine!

NEXT – Line a muffin pan with cupcake liners and pour in your regular amount of batter for each cupcake.

birthday cupcake cones tutorial

IF you want some sprinkles or surprise goodies INSIDE of your Birthday Cupcake Cone NOW is the time to place that on top of your cupcake batter!! It’s definitely an optional idea though!

Next just literally lay your ice cream cones on top of the cake batter top side down like shown above. Don’t worry if they don’t perfectly squish down into the batter since the batter will rise in the oven to fill up your cone. We used regular cake cones for our birthday celebration.

birthday cupcake cones tutorial Collage

THIRD – Bake your cupcakes as per directions on your box or recipe! About 2/3 of the way through I checked on my mine and gave the top of my cones a nice pat if they seemed to be leaning off to the side so they would level out a bit. Once your “cupcakes” look done just pick them up and peel off the wrapper!

birthday cupcake cones tutorial 2

LASTLY – Spread on the icing and decorate as desired!! The AWESOME thing about this is  you can easily make this gluten free, soy free, dye free, or whatever allergy free recipe you need to create for it!

You can also easily decorate this for holiday parties (think orange and black for Halloween, green and red for Christmas, etc.)!  These easy creations are surprisingly delicious – even the cones are great! Although I personally still prefer a seriously good pile of regular cake these are a BLAST to make, provide a unique spin on birthday treats, and are easy for little hands to help with!

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful ideal.

  2. Donna Benz says:

    Hello what a great and festive idea! I wondered though , when you bake the cupcakes along with the cones on top do they get brown as you are baking the cupcakes ?
    Thank you,

  3. Such a cute idea – how far does the cake rise into the cone? Are they not top heavy ?

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