Easy Beginner Soldering Kits by CircuitMess

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If you’re looking for EASY beginner soldering kits for kids – I absolutely have the brand for you! CircuitMess sent us a box of soldering kits and electronics kits and we have fallen in love. Not only are they engaging, easy to use, and high quality, but they bring a VERY cool WOW factor that I haven’t had with most soldering sets.

As with the other CircuitMess products we were sent, the Wacky Robots soldering sets also come with lifetime support! I’m so glad we discovered CircuitMess because these products are not only well made but they are clever and bring an insanely high cool factor for kids working with them! These will definitely be COOL to kids (and adults) of any age!

Beyond the absolute cool factor, you’ll see below that each Wacky Robots set teaches a different electronics part which I really love. They aren’t just all cute and fun, they also have a purpose.

set of Easy Beginner Soldering Kits by CircuitMess

These Wacky Robot beginner soldering sets are THE COOLEST! They are brightly colored, extremely easy to build, and have awesome graphics and “extras” included! I’d say each of the sets takes about a half hour to put together for beginners. It’s the perfect starter project when your kids are learning how to solder.

The age set for these Wacky Robots is 9+ which is honestly the absolute youngest I’d consider when it comes to soldering anyways. Even my 15 year old who is a pro at soldering absolutely loved these Wacky Robots and said he wished he had these when he had learned how to solder! It makes learning how to solder a little more appealing that’s for sure!

trading cards from Beginner Soldering Kits by CircuitMess

Each of the Wacky Robots soldering sets comes with trading cards! Whoever did the graphics on these things did a stellar job because they are absolutely awesome! This would be epic for any STEM class to have!

stickers from Beginner Soldering Kits by CircuitMess

Each set ALSO comes with stickers based on the character you’re soldering! Again, really stellar graphics and perfect for water bottles, binders, etc. Talk about a cool way to get kids excited about learning science and technology!

Each set below comes with a fully illustrated photo step-by-step guide of how to solder and put the robot together. I was super impressed with these guides as they not only are truly step-by-step but they also give extra photos pointing out good, sloppy, and bad soldering techniques so you can visually compare yours to their guide.

AND each Wacky Robots kit has an on/off switch so that you do not run your battery out quickly which is AMAZING! They’re truly thought of everything.

A Peek Inside Each Wacky Robots Set:

Capacitron – Learn about Capacitors:

This Wacky Robots Capicatron is the biggest and widest of the bunch! He sort of reminds me of a droid head.

Marv – Learn about Pushbuttons and Switches:

Marv is one of my favorite Wacky Robots because he’s so simple. He’s your stereotypical robot and his LED eyes are extremely bright!

Mr. Bee – Learn about Motors:

Mr. Bee is a pretty cool Wacky Robot soldering set but probably one of my least favorite for no reason really, although the kids really liked him! Instead of lights he “buzzes” as he girates around on the table a little bit which is a bit loud from the motor action. (Which makes sense because he’s a bee!)

Resistron – Learn about Resistance and Ohm’s Law

See that black round dial on the front of Resistron? You can actually turn it and the LED eyes dim or get brighter depending which way you turn the dial! If you need to turn him completely off though you’ll need to pop the battery out of the back (button cell).

Popping the battery out of the back of the Wacky Robots is a little bit of a pain, but can easily be done if you have a pair of tweezers on hand.

Bob – Learn about Light Emitting Diodes (LED):

Big bumbly bob – he was another one of my favorites! He has LEDs all the way around him and the colors change and flash – sort of like a UFO! He’s pretty big like Capacitron and really cool with all his flashing lights! He definitely brings a wow factor!

Learn more about Wacky Robots Soldering Kits and purchase here or on Amazon here.

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