Tulip Tomatoes Food Recipe Tutorial

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Tulip Tomatoes Recipe Tutorial

 I’m just so fascinated by food that has been fashioned to look like something else and these beautiful Tulip Tomatoes are great recipe for parties, events, or just a fun activity that your kids who love being in the kitchen can try their hand at! They truly look like a beautiful bouquet of flowers! It would be really easy to line up an assembly line with a few friends to create a larger amount of food flowers.

Yields: 15 tulips

Ready in 30 minutes

Tomato Tulip Foodie Recipe


15 Large Cherry Tomatoes

16 stalks of chives

8 oz. cream cheese

1 cucumber

1 teaspoon dried basil

Salt and pepper

Tomato Tulip Foodie Recipe


1. With stem side down, cut a cross in the top of each cherry tomato (about 3⁄4 down the tomato).

2. Using a spoon (grapefruit spoon works very well) to gently scrape out the tomato seeds.

Tomato Tulip Foodie Recipe

3. Take a grilling skewer or toothpick and make a hole where the stem currently is. You may need to twist the skewer in a circle a few times to make room for the chive to fit through.

Tomato Tulip Foodie Recipe

4. Finely chop or grate cucumber.

5. Mix cream cheese, cucumber and basil in a bowl. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Tomato Tulip Foodie Recipe

6. Add a teaspoon of cream cheese mixture into each tomato tulip (adjust depending on size of tomatoes).

7. Insert a chive into the hole at the bottom of each tomato.

8. Use a damp paper towel to clean any excess cream cheese filling from outside of tomatoes.

Tomato Tulip Foodie Recipe

9. Prepare the tulip bouquet on a large plate or platter. Use the extra chive stalk to wrap around the tulip stems to complete the bouquet.

Isn’t this gorgeous? It’s a fun decorative recipe that’s sure to be the talk of your party or event! It definitely puts a creative spin on an Easter or Mother’s Day meal!

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