The Celestia Motherlode: FREE 3D Space Simulator!

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Has anyone ever used the Celestia Motherlode FREE 3D Space Simulator? I haven’t downloaded it yet but it looks really incredible! I can’t wait to have some time later tonight to try it out! The links to download the program are here – you need to download the Celestia 1.6 first. It looks like you can download add-ons for different items in space. Here are some of the categories that you can discover and explore:
Solar System: all the planets, Kuiper Belt, Asteroids, Comets
Spacecraft – Earth orbit
Extrasolar Objects: galaxies, Messier Nebulae, data plots, stars, other nebulae
Fictional: Craft and Stations, ArcBuilder Universe, and more!
If you download this or have used it before I’d love to know what you thought!!


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