8 Fall Activities & Nature Crafts for Kids Using Leaves & Sticks

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Fall activities and nature crafts are some of my favorite! Thanks to Roylco who provided the Crafty Leaves.Fall Nature Activities and Crafts

Crisp cool air and dots of yellow and orange falling to the ground – fall must be here! (or for some of you it’s all about the pumpkin spice!) Either way – fall seems to be so short every year – I wish it would last longer! So hurry up and get started with some of these Fall Nature Activities & Crafts for Kids!

10 Fall Activities & Nature Crafts for Kids Using Leaves & Sticks

First – check out this pack of Crafty Leaves we received from Roylco (also available on Amazon here)! It includes 266 leaves with acorns and nuts! There are SO many things we can do with these!

This is an awesome less-mess nature addition for classroom crafts and projects as well as those regions that just don’t have a lot of falling leaf inspiration. No more crumbling leaves all over your classroom! It even includes a simple idea guide to help you with some project ideas. (Roylco also makes an awesome set of Color Diffusing Leaves too!)

  1. Visual Exploration

10 Fall Activities & Nature Crafts for Kids Using Leaves & Sticks

The great thing about these paper Crafty Leaves (as well as leaves from outside) is that you can clearly see the veins portrayed. Not only that but you can observe the colors, shapes, number of points on each leaf, and other fine details. You can then separate them out into piles of similar characteristic or even do research on which plant/tree the leaves come from.

Just with the colors, shapes or sizes of the leaves you can do simple Venn diagrams, scavenger hunts, sorting, graphing, etc.

2. Nature Mobile

What’s more fun than making a (simple!) giant Nature Mobile?! Grab an old coat hanger, stick or embroidery hoop (or even hula hoop if you want to super size it) and use yarn to tie up leaves, sticks, and pinecones!

3. Lacing Cards

10 Fall Activities & Nature Crafts for Kids Using Leaves & Sticks

Lacing cards are quite popular with younger kids and you don’t need many supplies! Just laminate your leaves, grab a hole punch and a piece of yarn or shoelace! You’ll only be able to create lacing cards out of the large leaves though. You can use real leaves for lacing too however they are much more fragile.

4. Fall Pictures Frames

If you’re working on fall crafts picture frames are always a popular choice! You can use an inexpensive wood frame, craft foam frame or even a frame made from card stock! Just have the kids glue their Crafty Leaves, small sticks, acorns, and other nature pieces right onto the frame! These are so cute with pictures from a pumpkin patch field trip in it!

5. Nature Necklaces

10 Fall Activities & Nature Crafts for Kids Using Leaves & Sticks

Yep, you can add your leaves right onto a bit of yarn and create a necklace out of them!

6. Fall Sensory Bin

Some days it’s just too chilly to head outdoors – and those days are perfect for fall themed sensory bins! You can use corn kernels for fall bins along with small leaves, acorns, husks, mini-pumpkin candies, cinnamon sticks, and more.

7. Leaf People

10 Fall Activities & Nature Crafts for Kids Using Leaves & Sticks 10 Fall Activities & Nature Crafts for Kids Using Leaves & Sticks

Break out the glue sticks my friends and use leaves to create “villagers”! You can really use leaves to make anything you want include animals, shapes, mosaic patterns and more!

8. Textured Fall Art

Cooperative art banners for a classroom, or large canvas art for at home make some fabulous decoration for your walls! If you’re using the Crafty Leaves from Roylco simply grab some clear glue and have the kids line the veins in each leaf as well as the outline of the leaves and nuts for a 3D textured collage!

Check out our Nature Sensory Bin HERE:

Plan NOW for tapping maple trees in the winter/spring!:

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