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Can I let you in on a little secret? During the holidays (and pretty much all year!) there is one store I visit more than any other store (besides grocery shopping of course – and maybe even then!). It’s my local Goodwill®! I was nearly giddy when I was offered the opportunity to feature them this holidays because I am there at least once a week (as you’ll notice below!). It’s a bit of an obsession for me! In fact when I received the message to work with them I WAS IN GOODWILL!

Creating Jobs and Treasures at Goodwill Thrift Store

My local store is about a half block from my son’s school – I take it as a sign! I have saved hundreds, and probably thousands, of dollars shopping there. They have a Goodwill Rewards card that I have scanned at every purchase which gives me extra discounts and savings. Plus when you shop at Goodwill you are creating job opportunities and training in local communities! Goodwill provides job preparation, skills training, education assistance and support services to millions of people. Every 23 seconds someone gets a job with the help of Goodwill!

Saving BIG Money on Home Decor & Gifts from Goodwill

That really awesome wooden unfinished grandfather clock you see above – I literally picked that up at my Goodwill this morning – with all of the coupons and discounts it was like getting it free! I don’t have time to finish creating it before the holidays but I’m scouring for fantastic ideas to make this a great centerpiece in my living room! Maybe a succulent garden or retro vinyl clock? I’m not sure yet! The plant on the left, all of the globes you see AND the yellow pillow on the left are all from Goodwill also!

Of course that’s where I get the majority of our clothes but believe it or not I also get holiday gifts, home decor, AND crafting supplies there. The place has been a life saver for me since we moved into our new house last summer! And it’s the perfect place for DIY Gifts!

Disney Princess dolls from Goodwill thrift store

My daughter had NO dolls and LOVES the ones she plays with at daycare – so I’ve been collecting dollies from Goodwill over the past 4-6 months that Santa will leave in front of the tree for her. I might have gone a little crazy! I paid about $20 for that ENTIRE collection! And when she’s done with them we’ll find other little girls to donate them to!

Boo Inspired Doll Closet from Goodwill Thrift Store

I also found a little closet to hang doll clothes up in for $3 at Goodwill! For real – $3!!! It was a little drab in plain wood so I spruced it up with some paint I had at home and turned it into a Boo-inspired (from Monsters, Inc.) Doll Closet! It will pair up great with my daughter’s dolls for Christmas!

Saving BIG Money on Home Decor & Gifts from Goodwill

Recently my son has been into everything vintage and retro – what better place to find a gift then at Goodwill? On December 1st we decided to “open” a family gift together that we could enjoy all month long during the holidays. I picked up this fantastic record player (and yes it works!) for ONLY $10! The case was an ugly greyish-black color though I taped up the chrome sides and spray painted it candy apple red so it looks really slick on the outside!

Saving BIG Money on Home Decor & Gifts from Goodwill

Everything you see in the white shelves (except for my RT66 planter) are all from the thrift store. Every last globe, plant, and vinyl record in my house. The big nutcracker on the left, the globe, the record player, the metal “R” on the wall and the fancy white frame it’s sitting on – yup – all Goodwill treasures!

Vinyl Record Collection from Goodwill Thrift Shop
And after several trips look at some of these incredible vintage records I picked up there! Old vinyl records are perfect for creating DIY gifts!

DIY Catnip Teabags with Wheatgrass Plant Teacup Cat Gift Set

Just last week we posted our DIY Cat Lovers Gift Set with some supplies we picked up from Goodwill too! You can see there is no limit to what you can find at Goodwill and how you can flip it to a fabulous DIY project either for yourself or as a gift!

DIY Globe Project:
Tips for Re-purposing Globes DIY Button Globe

If you were to come to my house the first thing you would see when you walk in was 17 globes. YES – 17!! And every single one of them came from Goodwill. To say I love globes is a bit of an understatement. With the exception of my very large floor globe I never pay more than $5 for each. Most of them I love as is but I wanted to take one and craft it to something else. I had this beautiful idea of a white globe with mossy continents but it did NOT turn out as I had imagined – at all! So I went a different direction – below is what I did.

Tips for Re-purposing Globes DIY Button Globe
This is the globe I started with. I loved the wood base and chrome pieces so I didn’t touch those.
Tips for Re-purposing Globes DIY Button Globe
Acrylic Paint: If you are painting with acrylic paint and using something to create continents you will want to take a Sharpie permanent marker and line the outside of the continents. You can paint over it and a faint outline will show through to work with.
Chalk Paint: If you are painting with chalk paint you will want 2 coats of paint which will completely cover anything on the globe so a Sharpie won’t help you with the continental outlines. Depending on what you are wanting to do with your globe you can trace continent outlines on for more exact projects or estimate it like I did with the buttons.
Tips for Re-purposing Globes DIY Button Globe
Glueing on Buttons: This is the slowest and most tedious part! Although you can slab hot glue all over the place you will be able to see it when you are finished so it won’t look that great. You will need to dab on hot glue onto each individual button! Do NOT create a continent outline with buttons or you may run out of room to glue your buttons in the middle! Start with one side and work your way over to each continent!

I’d LOVE to see some of your DIY projects & gifts that you’ve made from the thrift store! Send me an e-mail with a picture and I’ll add it to our post as an Inspiration Board! 



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