Decorating Simply to Reduce Clutter

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I have found that if you incorporate simple decor into your house it helps to tone down the look of clutter. But if you have decorations ALL over the place it tends to look very busy – which does NOT help your clutter look any better! Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive either. I’ve taken a few pictures of very inexpensive decorated areas in my house. 

If I had tons of money I would certainly decorate my house differently, but then again, I probably wouldn’t have this blog either! 😉 But you can still decorate on a small budget. Above I bought the pictures with frames at IKEA and Target for about $2.50. The candles were a gift, and the shelf was there when we moved in.
Above the shower in the guest room we had an empty strip of wall. I would have loved to buy a beautiful metal design at Kirkland’s or Bed Bath and Beyond, but again, the budget got in the way! So I settled on similar flower pictures with frames from IKEA and Target, costing under $5 for all of it. It’s simple, straight edges, and uncluttered.
My piano is in my living room – as is all of our kids toys and DVD’s which take up a LOT of room. To be honest the kids area is always pretty messy so I enjoy having a section of the room that is decorated yet uncluttered. The top of my piano could actually have about half that amount of stuff and look much nicer, but it is all sentimental. Figurines and pottery from our wedding, etc. A nice crisp clean uncluttered area in a main social gathering room catches your eye.

This is just a full shot of my piano area. I decided to place two matching pictures fairly high above the piano to draw your eye and attention up higher in the room. Call me crazy but it reduces the amount of clutter you see. 
We have beautiful canvas artwork hanging throughout our house – all free. We began collecting canvas paintings that others were throwing away, and when we had a good sized collection we pulled out all of the ones that we could coordinate together and hung them in our house. 
 You don’t need tons of pretty baubles and pictures to make your house look nice. A few nice items strategically placed in your house looks less cluttered and more stunning. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you should buy it – or buy more of it! Keep your eye out for beautiful decor at a discount, and add one piece at a time.

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