Organizing Your Bathroom and Medicine Closets

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The bathroom is another one of those places that gets messy quickly in our house. Our bathroom is very small so we do not have room for much either. I tried keeping a little basket on top of the counters but that quickly became a “junk” basket that got overrun with stuff so I took it off. The easiest way for us to keep our bathroom countertop clean is to only put on it what we will use within 2-3 days time. If it’s something you hardly ever use don’t put it there – store it somewhere else. Some people have room to store towels under the sink. You can also save up and purchase an over the toilet storage unit which are a bit pricey in my opinion ($30-$60). We also considered purchasing a small shelving unit to go just outside our bathroom as well.
 As for items in the shower we (thankfully!) now have a shelf in our window that we place our items on. You can also use a shower basket, or install temporary shelving at a fairly decent price as well. Or you can simply just leave the items standing on the floor of the shower. In the kids bathroom we have a bucket for toys underneath the sink that helps keep it uncluttered – especially when guests come. 
But what about medicine? We have no room in our bathrooms to store our medicine. Not only that but I do NOT want any of our medicines or first aid stuff within the reach of little hands. ALL of our meds and items are stored on the top shelf of a locked hall closet. I purchased small Sterilite containers with lids that I found for a steal on clearance at Sam’s (it was less than $.50 a container!) and have labeled it by use. There is Topical Meds, Baby/Kid Meds, Adult Meds, Cold/Flu meds, First Aid, Vitamins, Travel Size Items, Toothbrushes/Razors, etc. Ok – so maybe that’s a little TOO organized but we stock up when the sales are cheap. We HAD to find a better organizational method than just throwing it all in a box. And let me tell you that when it’s 2 AM and my kids are puking and spiking high fevers I know EXACTLY where to find the meds! 🙂 Seriously – it may seem overdone but it has saved us a lot of time. I can also easily see what we do or do not have with the clear containers.

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  1. I do the same with the medicine 🙂 I am an organized nut – makes my life easier.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My meds are stored in the kitchen in a cabinet all to them selves! Each person has a basket of their personal meds(prescription) then we have an adult and child baskets. Pain/allergy etc….band aids and first aid are in a storage unit with drawers under bathroom cabinet in reach of those who need them. As far as everyday items WELL my (wife) side is a MESS makeup/hair products..His (husband) is nice and neat!!

  3. Using those clear storage boxes is a great idea! I hope I can find some on sale too.

  4. oh wow! That looks great! I'm totally stealing that idea!

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