Cleaning Out Your Garage, Attic, & Basement – Your Sanity Needs It

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When we moved last year I couldn’t BELIEVE the amount of stuff that we pulled out of our attic in Florida. Seriously – it was a crime. I felt like a hoarder just pulling stuff out of the attic! It was truly a little embarrassing and moving was a GREAT excuse to go through all of our junk. And to be honest I didn’t even have the time to go through a lot of it so we just started throwing stuff away! I wish I had heard of Music Magpie last summer because we sure could have made some extra cash on all of those CD’s we threw away! All we had to do was enter the barcode of any of our CD’s, DVD’s, Blu-rays and games into their site and we could have seen right away how much we could have earned off of them! PLUS you can print a free shipping label too – you can’t beat that! I’m not kidding – I had an entire box we just trashed.

And do you know the sad thing? We didn’t have time to finish unpacking at our new place because it got so cold so we still have boxes piled up in our garage. And I bet you anything I’m going to find even MORE DVD’s and CD’s that I don’t want to bother going through. I mean if they’ve been sitting in a box for almost a year chances are I really don’t want any of it anymore anyways. So what exactly does Music Magpie do with all of your junk that they buy? They recycle it! Your old DVD’s, video games, CD’s, and Blu-rays get turned into literally millions of traffic cones, pens, golf tees and all sorts of stuff. So guess what I’m going to be doing this spring when it gets a little warmer? I’m going to turn my old boxes of junk (AKA old CD’s) into new recycled things – my vote is for traffic cones!

Don’t have time to sit down with all of your barcodes and check out the prices? You can scan them quicker with your phone via their iPhone or Android app!

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