Project Downsize – Finding New Solutions for Clothes Storage

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So I couldn’t wait any longer – we took our trip out to IKEA last night! I’ll post more about it later this weekend but we wanted to fix up our boy’s bedroom that they share. There is TONS of furniture in there and the dresser you see below is not only 15 years old but no matter how many times we replace the tracking system the drawers are always falling out and won’t work properly. You can sort of see that with the crooked drawers below. But do you know how much it cost to buy a new dresser(s)? Even used? Yikes!

So we spent some time browsing around at IKEA yesterday checking out our options and we found a mobile storage system that we liked – for only $30 each! We bought 2 – one for each boy and I love that it’s on wheels so I can “hide” it in the closet or in the corner when we have company. It’s a little non-traditional but totally fits our family. Check it out!

Yep – this is my kid’s 2 new “dressers”. I know, I had to look twice too! If you’ve never bought anything from IKEA it is the land of “flat boxes”. Almost everything that you can buy in the store (furniture-wise) comes in a flat box. Kitchen cabinets, tables, desks, dressers, bookshelves, beds….it’s all in flat boxes. This new “dresser” storage system we are using for the kids is actually just essentially a metal frame and canvas shelves. And when I say canvas, I don’t mean the cheap flimsy fall apart if you pull it canvas. The really awesome thing? It’s on wheels!

Here are both “dressers” storage areas set up. On the right you see it from the front and on the left you see it from the back. There is a handle on the back so you can easily roll the storage around to wherever you need it. I put in all of the shelves but you can also leave them out and hang dresses & jackets in it if you want instead. For $30 each it’s a really nice set up! The shelves are surprisingly incredibly deep so I have the units stored sideways as you can see below.

Pretty cool (and unique) huh? We were able to move out 2 large dressers and move in these 2 storage units which are smaller than 1 of the dressers was. A great way to maximize space in a room! Plus the shelves are nowhere near filled – there is at least half of the storage space empty in each unit. It’s just hard to see that in the picture because I have the clothes pushed up to the front! Whoever came up with this setup was ingenious. Yes, I sweat and grumbled as I put it together but it’s incredibly well built and nicely planned.

Looking to maximize extra room in your house? Try thinking outside the box! Browse online for room ideas – my two favorite places to look are IKEA & Pinterest. You can get pretty creative when you are willing to try something new & different!

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