Resistance Play in a CRAZY Way!!

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Ok – I know – you’re wondering WHY in the WORLD my son is playing with a plunger right?! (Don’t worry – it’s CLEAN and kept in our game closet for games!!) My husband bought this tiny plunger to play “Pass the Pigs” – but I use it with my boys for a little resistance play challenge!
Ever since my boys found this plunger in our game closet – they have forever tried to sneak off with it and make it stick to their stomachs. So I thought my boys would be up for a challenge – a challenge that is great for resistance play for children with sensory needs!
I stick the plunger as hard as I can to our tile floor and each child gets a turn trying to pull the plunger off! It’s a lot of fun, ridiculously simple – but it keeps my kids busy for over an hour with the simple continuous challenge of pulling a plunger off of the floor! If your kids are a little older you can talk about WHY a plunger works too.
**WARNING** – Do NOT use your bathroom plunger – it is unsanitary and plain down right nasty. If you want to do this with your kids PLEASE purchase a brand new plunger to use strictly for games – nothing else!! If you have younger children PLEASE make sure they understand which plunger they are allowed to play with!! 🙂

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