5 Chopsticks Letter Learning Games for Kids – Fine Motor Skills

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chopsticks learning letter games for kids

 Recently at our local Dollar Tree I noticed they were selling colorful and easy to use chopsticks, as well as adorable “carry out boxes” for just $1 (although you can buy them in sets of 50 for around $12 on Amazon here).

While to most these might look like the supplies for a great dinner, they can also be used for hours of fun learning games!

Take a look below at how you can craft your own chopsticks learning games for kids using nothing more than a few cheap supplies. Check it out!

Chopsticks Letter Learning Games Supplies:

chopsticks learning letter games for kids

Carry Out Box

Self clasping chopsticks

Assorted peel and stick letters 

Scrap paper or paint chip samples


Chopsticks Letter Learning Game Directions:

1. Begin by snipping your scrapbook paper or paint chip samples into small squares. Fold each in half so it can stand on its own.

2. Peel and stick a letter to each piece of paper. You want one letter per card.

3. Toss the cards into the carry out box. Shake them well. You are now ready for the fun to begin! Here are some of the learning games you can play with your chopsticks:

Word Scramble:

chopsticks letter learning games for kids fine motor skills activity

Use the chopsticks to pick out 5-7 letter cards. Set the cards out and talk about what words you could make with the letters you picked. Arrange the cards to make as many words as possible. This is almost like Scrabble! Each player gets a point for each word they can form.

 Letter Sorting

Take one letter out at a time and sort it into a Vowel or Consonant pile. Have the child make a pick, identify it, then put it in the correct stash. Keep going until all cards are gone.

Write the Letter

chopsticks letter learning games for kids fine motor skills activity

Pick a letter out of the box. On a piece of paper write down the lower case version of the letter. If a lower case letter is chosen, write down the upper case version. This is a great way to practice those writing skills. You could also incorporate writing the “cursive” letter to match the letter chosen!

Name a Word

Pick out a letter from the box and name 1-3 words that start with that letter. Older kids can name 1-3 words that end with the letter as well.

Rhyming Fun/Wacky Definitions

chopsticks letter learning games for kids fine motor skills activity

Pick out 3-5 letters and try to form a word with them, even if it is not a real word. You can then try to think of rhyming words, or make up your own definition for the fake word.

chopsticks letter learning games for kids fine motor skills activity

Give these easy and inexpensive chopstick games for kids a try and see how much fun you can have. It is a great way to practice some basic literary and phonics skills, plus they will be strengthening their fine motor development at the same time. There are plenty of alternatives you can do such as using actual Scrabble letters, a bowl instead of a carry out container, etc. But these carrier containers are also great for storing!

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