Write a Letter to a Lion!! National Geographic Project

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lion at the zoo

National Geographic has an awesome “Letters to Lions” program! They’re asking for kids to write letters and draw pictures of why lions are important! They then take your child’s artwork to African leaders to share with them why kids around the world think lions are important! What a fantastic hands on way for kids to make a difference in the world!

Letters to Lions requirements:

  • be 250 words or less
  • your child’s original artwork
  • signed!

Mail your child’s artwork and/or letters to:

National Geographic
Digital Media – Kids
1145 17th St. NW
Washington DC 20036

What a cool project for your child to learn how to make a difference in the world! A great idea for classrooms too! Here are 5 great examples from kids for you!

 Check out our 3D Lion activity with video tutorial!

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