Praying Mantis Eggs are Hatching!

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   If you have been considering getting your child or class a pet (or bug!) to watch hatch now is the time! Insect Lore has just announced that their Praying Mantis eggs are now available from now through March- or until they run out- whichever happens first! Each kit includes a mail-in-certificate for a praying mantis egg case which will hatch 75-200 praying mantis! WOW! That’s a lot! 🙂 You can head here to buy your own Insect Lore Praying Mantis Pagoda Kit.

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  1. Alicia C. says:

    I didn't know they had Praying Mantis sets!!! During the holidays, I grabbed a Ladybig kit for just $4.79 on Amazon. I said it was for the kids, but who am I kidding? It's for me and the kids can watch if they want 😀
    I think we may end up with a menagerie of insects in our kitchen if I head over to Insect Lore…

  2. teacherspaidtoomuch says:

    I didn’t know teachers had it so bad…holidays and weekends off….making $85,000 for only 9 months off work around Chicago.
    Full pension….boo hoo…..yeah sounds like a good gig all us tax payers pay for!

    1. You know it’s funny that you’re from the Chicago area because yes the teachers up there make a ton! We have family who are teachers up their and it’s ridiculous how much they make. That is NOT the average in the US however. My husband is a full time public school teacher with a master’s degree teaching 7+ years and our take home pay is $24,000. This site is of course open to everyone, but it is also a supportive community for the majority of us who do NOT make the high salaries like the teachers in the Chicago area.

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