Winter Penguin Ice Fishing Craft with Crayola Model Magic

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Disclosure: I received the supplies to create this craft. All opinions are my own.

OH MY GOODNESS how cute is this ice-fishing penguin!? I am totally in LOVE with how it turned out!! Crayola sent me a nice little box of art supplies including their Crayola Model Magic (which I had never used before) and our entire family is now in love with Model Magic. The stuff is just absolutely amazing! Seriously – the coolest crafty compound we’ve used.

It is SO incredibly easy to shape and create things out of. Then you just leave it out for a day or two to air dry or keep it in a resealable bag to use later! This craft would pair up great with my (free!) Penguin Letter Template printable and my (free) Penguin Gift Tags!

So I went to the store and bought all sorts of craft supplies that I didn’t actually need for this project so I will be posting some more winter crafts soon! But for this cute little ice-fishing penguin craft you’ll need:

Crayola Model Magic (black, white and orange or yellow)
string (a small scrap string will do)
clear cup/bowl
glitter (silver)
1 toothpick

white felt
cotton stuffing

fish (I used scrapbook stickers)

I literally made this little penguin in just minutes – it was surprisingly easy for a not-so-creative person! I pulled two tiny pieces of black Model Magic off to put to then side then rolled the black Model Magic into a ball and squished it down onto the table so that it would “stand” upright. The two small pieces I set aside I flattened and just lightly pressed them onto the sides of the black ball which formed both the penguin body and the penguin “arms”.

Then I flattened out a piece of white Model Magic and pressed it onto the front of the penguin body as you see above. I pinched a tiny bit of yellow Model Magic off and stuck it onto the front for a beak (you can use orange for this too but I didn’t have orange!). Then I made two small black dots for eyes, and two smaller white dots to put on top of the black eyes, then two even smaller black dots again to make the penguin eyes really stand out! When that was all done I stuck a toothpick through the side of the penguin to make it look like he was “holding” a fishing pole!

Once your penguin is created you can set up the rest of your scene! Lay down your square of white felt to make it look like a layer of ice. It doesn’t matter how big/small this is – that will depend on where you will be storing this little craft. Then take your clear cup, stuff it with cotton and some fish, and place it open side down directly onto the felt so that the penguin can be placed on top of the clear cup. Sprinkle silver glitter on the white felt, then place your fish on top spread out on the “ice”.

Then I took my little piece of string (I think mine is actually an elastic from an old ponytail holder!) and tied it to the tip of the toothpick making sure to leave the string long enough to just touch the white felt (ice) below.

I laid a fish on top of the end of the string so it looks like the penguin caught a fish! You can also see in the clear cup (“iceberg”) that I put a fish for display in there as well!

Here’s a closer look at the fish in the “iceberg”. This was SUCH a simple craft that you can literally set up in minutes if you wanted to. My original idea (but my small town that I go shopping in doesn’t have everything I need!) was to use those large clear plastic drinking cups and drill a small hole in the middle of it so that the string actually went into the middle of the cup to simulate ice fishing better but all I could find at my store was these itty bitty dessert cups.

Which I actually think I like the fish spread out on the felt “ice” better than having them all inside a cup like my original idea! There you have it! You can easily turn this into an entire winter scene by creating a whole group of penguins, icebergs, and even polar bears!


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  1. Joanne M. says:

    We always make a homemade ornament for our tree each year. My son wants to make one in memory of my Dad, and these supplies would be a blessing.

  2. Christina says:

    Christmas cards to share with loved ones. 🙂

  3. We make ornaments for the family every year so this would be great!

  4. Is lo

  5. I think some glittery ornaments would be in order. My son could do a handprint and then “decorate” it and my 2 1/2 year old daughter, who is actually quite into crafts (and surprisingly good for her age), could try some little Christmas figures (animals, stars, trees – whatever strikes her). I think I’d enjoy it, too!

  6. We’d probably make an ornament or maybe something for New Year’s!

  7. Angela Harrison says:

    To make new years cards and send to the troops!

  8. We would probably try making Santa Claus or a Christmas tree….love your penguin project too…

  9. Christine Stewart says:

    We make family ornaments for Christmas and do all kinds of crafty weekends. But this would make a great gift for a child that has no toys this Christmas!

  10. Cara Dube says:

    Ornaments as gifts!!!

  11. I would make ornaments – glittery snowflakes with my small in-home daycare. Probably have leftovers for other crafts as well.

  12. Cards & pictures for children & elderly in hopitals

  13. Debbie Thomas says:


  14. We would make some sparkly New Year’s celebration ornaments.

  15. Jessica Roskopf says:

    holiday ornaments with my class of kidos is always a favorite project, we use cookie cutters to cut out the shapes andarkers to decorate with!

  16. I would LOVE to be able to make this with my small class of 7 students. This prize would go a long way toward making that happen!

  17. Terri Ryan says:

    That’s so cute! I’d love to have my preschool students make little panda figures to go along with the reading books with a panda theme.

  18. Amy Bustamante says:

    as a teacher of students with special needs, model magic seems great to satisfy practice using fine motor skills, and provide texture exposure while creating ornaments or gifts for their parents.

  19. You could make so much, a whole winter for a table centerpiece

  20. Danielle Freiermuth says:

    I would definitely make little clay monsters with my nephew! The kid needs more art supplies! =]

  21. Jessica Drake says:

    I would make ornaments or cards or a little nativity scene!!!!!!!! 😀

  22. My daughter loves to make crafts for the people she loves. Her favorite person right now is “Gramma MARy” a sweet little lady who goes to our church. She isn’T her Grandma but my daughter loves her sooo much. When we made placecards for Thanksgiving, we had to make one for her even though she wasn’t coming to our house. It is always, ” but what about Gramma Mary????” 🙂 she has already been asking about what we are going to make for Gramma Mary for Christmas…..

  23. Alicia o'brien says:

    I teach first grade…I could use these supplies for any number of things! Would love to win to help out my classroom!

  24. I would to use these when spending time with my kids over the holiday break making clay animals.

  25. Sarah Gray says:

    Some baby handprint gifts for the grandparents.

  26. I would have my kids create letters during center’s time or use with my students who need sensory tools.

  27. Alex Lorentz says:

    I’m a special ed teacher, so I would use these items for my students with don sort needs to make gifts for their friends and families, such as figurines and ornaments. Since it is do soft and pliable, it will work better than play doh!

  28. My artsy little granddaughter can and will make wonderful stories and pictures with these!

  29. Sarah Medina says:

    Every year I make Christmas Ornaments with my Kinder kids. I attach a photo so the parents will remember what their darlings looked like in Kindergarten. I melt the crayons between 2 sheets of wax paper and then have cut outs of trees so they are like stained glass tree ornaments.

  30. Ashley Braswell says:

    We are learning about animals in winter when we return from Christmas break. These supplies would be great for creating animals hibernating!

  31. Loni Perry says:

    OOHH!! My little boy has never played with Model Magic and I’d love for him to make some of his own sculptures with it! He can bedazzle it however his little heart desires – I’ll just be happy he’s experimenting with sensory materials and being creative!!!

  32. I would use the supplies for our first grade art projects.

  33. Tracy Brown says:

    Model magic looks perfect to make handprint ornaments for my nephew’s first Christmas 🙂

  34. Since we live in Arizona and we don’t have snow here my Kindergarten students would love to make lots of craft snowmen! They would be fun and easy to do. Crystal, you did a fantastic job at making your Winter Penguin Ice Fishing Craft, so very cute. Thanks for sharing and also for the giveaway!

  35. Michele Monk says:

    Well, I can think of lots of Christmas ideas, like ornaments, but I wouldn’t probably have it in time for that! So, maybe a Valentine’s project or cute Mother’s Day gift!! Anything using the children’s hands would be loved by the mommies and daddies!! 🙂

  36. Holly Zammerilla says:

    I’d love to make personalized ornaments for my nieces and nephews.

  37. Cara LaBelle says:

    I am a teacher so I would love to make small gratitude gifts that my students could pass around to other teachers or staff. Free stuff is the best thank you

  38. Brittany Allen says:

    We love to make all kinds of Holiday decor!!!

  39. Tracy Blunier says:

    I would love to make anything winter related… snowmen, snowy owls, white rabbits, etc. The craft is so adorable!

  40. I love the penguin idea but I would love to make some ornaments. I’ve never used the model magic before either. It looks like fun!

  41. I always have my kids make homemade winter decorations to give to our relatives.

  42. Sure love ornaments and holidays crafts!

  43. Christopher G. says:

    My kids would make a holiday scene table centerpiece for our New Year’s celebration.

  44. We would use it to make ornaments and some winter snow themed crafts

  45. We just finished reading A Penguin Chick and this will be an adorable culminating activity!!! Adorable!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  46. Marisa Wilson says:

    I am a Kindergarten teacher in San Diego, California, we don’t get much snow unless you are in the mountains. I would make snowmen with my class

  47. We will use it to make ornaments for the tree

  48. I am definitely feeling an inspired Alexander Calder mobile with the Crayola kit. My kits and I would make abstract shapes and hang them from strings from wood rods.

  49. We would make holiday stockings in my special Ed classroom!

  50. Jocelyn C says:

    I would use these materials for my prescool classroom to create 3D art creations! This would benifit our enviornmental rating scale scores .

  51. My crafty little girls would adore this! We’d probably make some ornaments, as well as some glittery animals.

  52. Lisa Brown says:

    i would make fun, holiday ornaments or whatever figures them think of.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  53. I’d do an ornament and maybe even your penguin!! How creative is that!!

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