Waterford Press’ Pocket Naturalist Activity Books Science Book Review

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I’ve got an exciting review for you from Waterford Press!! We received their A Pocket Naturalist Activity Books – some of which are:
Pond Life
Seashore Life
African Wildlife
Australian Wildlife
Arctic Wildlife
Southwest Desert Life
Rocky Mountain Wildlife


 As soon as I started flipping through each of these activity books I was very impressed and excited at how educational they were!! There are all sorts of activities from origami, word search puzzles, picture scrambles, species recognition, mazes, spotting the differences, making new words from one word, connect the dots, and more! In fact my husband and I have been “fighting” over which of us will keep the books!! 🙂 Looks like we’ll have to share these!



 You really can use these activity workbooks from Waterford Press for any age group. There are coloring sections as you see below as well as connect the dots that younger children can enjoy, and there are more difficult sections such as the origami and determining the species by the shadow of the animal! These activity books would make a great supplement to any science or even geography curriculum! I plan on using a few of these activities even with my preschooler!
I’ll use a few examples from the Ducks activity book so you get a better idea of what you will find in some of these fun lessons! The word search pages not only have the words that you are looking for (which are different species of ducks) BUT it also includes pictures of EACH of those species in which you are looking for!! You’ll find Black ducks, Mottled ducks, Gadwalls, Cinnamon Teal ducks, Northern Shovelers, American Wigeons, and more! (I haven’t even heard of most of these species!!) On the next page you will learn the anatomy of the ducks all the way from the bill to the tertials! You’ll see different colored ducks depending not only on their species, but also on their gender. You’ll have to match heads of ducks with their bodies, and have fun making duck origami! And that’s just a little bit of what you’ll find in the activity book!
These activity books are the type of activities that I used to love as a kid in school. There is so much variety, so much information, and unique type of puzzles and activities to have fun with. Your kids will not get bored with all of the activities in these books, and there is plenty of opportunities to turn these activities into huge learning opportunities and hands-on project ideas!
If you are looking for educational activity workbooks that are full of variety, LOTS of good material to learn, and unique ideas to keep your kids busy then I highly recommend these books! Waterford Press also makes great quality laminated nature pocket guides that I also recommend. You can read my review on those here.

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