Custom Hot Wheels Vehicles – an AWESOME Gift Idea!!

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If you have kids – especially boys, you know ALL about Hot Wheels! I had the opportunity to check out an AWESOME new Custom Hot Wheels product that would be an incredibly cool Christmas (or birthday!) gift!! At first I was curious of the price. A completely customized Hot Wheels vehicle WITH MY picture and writing on it? I figured the price must be outrageous – but it wasn’t!! The vehicle itself was $7.99 and shipping was $4.95 (you can order 2 cars and the shipping will stay the same!). Considering that you are purchasing a pretty exclusive item I thought that was an incredible price!!

There are four vehicle options to choose from. The Dairy Delivery, Passion, Surfin School Bus (this is what I chose!) and the HiWay Hauler. It is a VERY simply 6 step process to create your own customized diecast car. It didn’t take me long at all to create it!
Step 1: Choose your desired vehicle.
Step 2: Upload your Picture.
Step 3: Center your picture.
Step 4: Add your message.
Step 5: Choose the packaging.
Step 6: Preview and order. 

It DOES take about 30 days or so to get your Hot Wheels Customs car in the mail so if you’re ordering for Christmas or a special event make sure to plan accordingly!! Above is the one that we received in the mail. We chose the Surfin School Bus since my son started his first year of preschool just a few weeks ago!! He LOVES school busses so it was an easy choice for us to make!


When my son first received his box in the mail he was so excited to get a new Hot Wheels car!! (What little boy wouldn’t?!) But then he noticed the picture on the top of the bus of him and his little brother on his first day of school – and he REALLY thought it was cool!! He couldn’t wait to show little brother the picture of them on his new car!


On the side of the bus I had “CONGRATULATIONS ON PRESCHOOL” customized. Going to preschool was a big deal for my oldest son and we are VERY proud of how well he is doing! Not only was this an awesome idea as a gift for him, but it is really a keepsake for the family as well commemorating my son’s first year in school.
You can use any picture you want – your kids, grandparents, pets, special project – anything you can think of! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new customized Hot Wheels car product! The ideas are really endless and the price is extremely reasonable for what you get! It’s a great gift for kids and collectors as well as a neat way to commemorate a special event like school, a birth, etc.
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. I received a custom Hot Wheels car thanks to Hot Wheels and Mom Select. All opinions are my own.

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