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Live Every Day like it's Summer Snapple® Straight Up™ Tea at Hy-Vee®

It’s no secret that my family has been camping a lot this summer and by the time we made it home I was pretty exhausted and missing my creature comforts! I wanted a hot bath, my own wonderful bed, and some special goodies just for me! Since I needed to go grocery shopping anyway it was the perfect time to stop in at our local Hy-Vee to get myself a treat too – it’s kind of my way to unwind! Not only were the sales great but they have a special digital coupon available right now that I wanted to take advantage of:

Buy ONE Snapple Straight Up Tea at Hy-Vee and get one FREE!

Snapple® Straight Up™ Tea at Hy-Vee®

It’s been insanely hot outside this summer so I’m mixing up my beverage choices frequently to stay hydrated! I absolutely LOVE sweet tea and can’t get enough of Snapple Straight Up Tea. It’s all natural and a simple choice! What’s even better is that they have quite a variety to choose from which is what I like! You can find Sweet, Sorta Sweet (made with real sugar!), Unsweet (0 calories!), Sorta Sweet Honey Green (made with real honey!), and Sorta Sweet Rooibos (caffeine free!) – all are gluten free. Tea has really become my go to beverage over the past several years and I love all the various options. I can change up my drinks to suit my mood!

Snapple® Straight Up™ Tea at Hy-Vee®

Now that I’m settled back at home for the summer and pressing on into the new school year I’m taking my Snapple Straight Up Tea with me! My online work is piled higher than I can climb, the school supply shopping lists are tipping the scales and I find during this season that sometimes by the end of the day I need some “me-time” to just take a breather. Sometimes that simply means taking a quick walk outdoors with a cold drink. Most of the time I turn on my Pandora channels and listen while I work. (Did you know there’s a Snapple Straight Up Tea radio station?! Just type in “True Tea Tunes” into your Pandora.com search bar!)

Snapple Straight Up Tea at Hy-Vee Grocery Stores

Sometimes that “me” time means spending one on one time with each of my kids. The biggest complaint I hear from people is that life is TOO busy – so change that pattern!! I make a conscious effort to not only take time much needed time for me but to have special time individually with each of my kids. I picked up an extra Unsweetened Tea for my middle son who has really taken on my tea habit! One cooler evening we sat out on our back porch swing sipping our teas together and just enjoyed watching the bats and birds we have in our backyard fly around. It’s one of my favorite special times with him and I know he enjoys the special time with me and of course the extra treat of Snapple Straight Up Unsweet Tea.

Take Selfies with your Kids Often and Enjoy Snapple Straight Up Tea

Don’t get SO busy with your schedules (and everyone else’s schedule!) that you forget to ENJOY LIFE! Take some time out for yourself EVERY WEEK! Take selfies with your kids! SMILE! Take some time out for each of your children and your spouse. Spend your life with others and enjoying yourself – not always bogged down and stressed over deadlines and crazy schedules. It doesn’t have to be fancy or extravagant or cost a lot of money! Pick up a Snapple Straight Up Tea (don’t forget about the buy one get one free coupon!), take a hike down a nature trail or put your feet up and enjoy watching the birds! It’s the simple things in life that keep me happy. Now if I could only learn to master my own advice every single day…….


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