Christmas Holidays = Reshifting Priorities

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For many people the Christmas holidays is all about bustling around shopping, decorating, baking, and being SO busy they can’t even think straight. We used to live close to my husband’s family and that was exactly how it was. In fact it was SO busy that we flew right through Christmas before we realized that it was gone. In it’s own way it was sad and I regret packing our schedules like that. When we first got married I thought that’s how the holidays were really supposed to be. Holidays = so busy you can’t breathe. But now that our family lives in a completely different state and not near any family…..our holidays have reshifted priorities.
Instead of running around like crazy to this party, that appointment, shopping, dinners, and whatever else you could possibly pack into your schedule our days are now filled with what you see in that picture above….happiness and laughter. QUALITY TIME. Not that we weren’t able to squeeze that into our busy schedule before, but it’s different now. Lounging around in the mornings, doing crafts with the kids, walking around the neighborhood at night to see the Christmas lights, and heading to the park. It’s SO relaxing. I wish we could do this all year! Don’t get me wrong, we still squeeze in all of those end-of-the-year doctor appointments and do a little shopping here or there but at least 80% or more of our time is spent together as a family.
Maybe that is important to me because I did not get that as a child, but I DO know what I want my children to remember during the holidays and it’s not their mommy or daddy running around ragged just to keep up with the schedule. I want them to remember the holidays as an extra special time where we had SO much time together it was great! I’m sure things will change as the children get older and I know it’s different if you’re single, but my wish for the holiday season is that everyone steps back for a few minutes and refocuses on what they really want for Christmas – am I’m not talking about presents!

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  1. Adelina Priddis says:

    I love this. We've been able to spend much more time this season together as a family, and it's ben so nice!

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