Super Wubble Bubble Ball Review

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I received the below product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

I was sent this Super Wubble Bubble Ball version and decided to give it a shot to see if it really was up to 4 times stronger and more tear resistant than the original Wubble Bubble ball. I’m not sure why there are so many bad reviews online because we honestly LOVED ours – it was crazy fun!

Super Wubble Inflatable Ball Review

OK guys – my kids have been begging for a Wubble Bubble ball forever (literally!) but after watching a lot of less than stellar YouTube videos they agreed that it probably wasn’t a great idea to buy since they didn’t seem to last long. (They seemed to pop pretty quickly.)

Super Wubble Inflatable Ball Review

We put in new batteries to the pump, swabbed the jelly on the hole and (very carefully!) inserted the pump into the ball. The batteries we put in the first time didn’t seem strong enough but when we swapped them out for a different brand set then we had no problems blowing up the Super Wubble Bubble ball. It comes with 2 patches as well but to date we haven’t needed them! It was easy to inflate and only took a few minutes to finish.

In the promo video it shows that you can kick and even sit on the Super Wubble! Although we haven’t had the courage to sit on our Super Wubble yet my boys have certainly kicked it around! In fact it has been inflated and deflated every day for about a week now and it’s still going strong! Even my toddler has been squishing this thing all over the house!

Super Wubble Bubble ball review

The kids were pretty excited because the Xpandium super stretchy material that the ball is made of reminded them of the feel of Winter the dolphin’s tail in Clearwater, Florida! It’s such a cool sensory feel!

Super Wubble Bubble ball review

You can inflate this crazy thing up to ALMOST 3 feet wide! Look at that! It’s so light it’s really like you’re playing and bouncing a bubble around!

Super Wubble Bubble ball review
Or throwing a bubble around. The kids literally grab a handful of that material and just chuck the bubble ball across the field. It goes HIGH! Really high!

Super Wubble Bubble ball review

And play keep away with it!
Super Wubble Bubble ball review
Like I said we’ve only been using the Super Wubble Bubble ball for a week now but I’m thrilled it’s held up this long! Especially considering that my 2 & 7 year old inflate it and deflate it and wear it as a hat!!!

What ended up happening to our Super Wubble Bubble Ball?

Honestly – I HAVE NO IDEA! HAHA! It’s been years since I’ve written this product review and I remember we had that thing forever. No rips or tears or pops or anything else that I read about online. I think we eventually found it a new home after it got fuzzy rolling all over our house LOL!

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  1. They have small reusable water-balloon wubbles that are sooo much fun. Those need the patches

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