Perfectly Bookish -Best Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

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I am absolutely obsessed with book themed gifts! Our Perfectly Bookish gift ideas guide below features the best unique gifts for book lovers! Just scroll through and click on the ones you love to order them!

unique gift ideas for book lovers

If you have an Etsy shop that would interest someone who loves books or are in the educational field – feel free to drop a link in the comments below! I just started my Etsy shop myself this year which you can find at Curiosity Explored! Click on the image above to save this on Pinterest!

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Gifts for Book Lovers:

If you don’t know your gift recipient really well then I HIGHLY recommend a “blind date with a book” gift experience! The general idea is that you pick a genre and they send you a random book to read! Most include a few things like stickers or candles, or you can opt for an entire book gift set like this one.

A true book lover will adore a library card pillow to cozy up with! They come in all sorts of colors too!

vintage story book sweatshirt

A fan of some classic favorites? This vintage story book sweatshirt, these vintage book ornaments, and crochet bookmarks are a lovely nod to the past.

I can almost smell these library card ornaments! They are perhaps one of my favorite little gifts to include when I know someone is a true book fiend!

While it’s true that many bookish gifts appear to cater to us ladies, this card catalog tie would be a great gift for a variety of men including history teachers!

What says book lover better than wearing a book every day?! I LOVE this unique special book jewelry bracelet! It would be a fun addition to our DIY notebook shoes tutorial here!

If your favorite book lover is also a fan of the arts they will love this beautiful stained glass book ornament! In fact there are so many cool book ornament gifts there’s no way I could list them all! You can search by book, author, or just browse all of the styles!

Just One More Chapter! The Book Was Better! There are all sorts of cliche bookish phrases turned into gifts that you can find as well! From pillows to t-shirts and pretty much anything else you can think of – it’s a great time to be in a book club!

Books and tea (and cozy socks and warm blankets!) all pair together perfectly! I REALLY love this loose leaf tea collection in addition to the “Novel Teas” you see above! Gift that along with our EASY to make Composition Notebook Cake and you’ve got yourself a gift any book lover would be envious of!

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