Sun Safety Tips + Blue Lizard Sunscreen

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Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen

Growing up in Florida oddly enough I never thought twice about wearing sunscreen (which I totally regret now!) but when I met my husband my awareness of the need for sunscreen grew tremendously as skin cancer runs extremely high in his family. And especially now that we have children I am even more careful about all of us being out in the sun unprotected!

When I found out that Blue Lizard Sunscreen had NO BPA, Phthalates, PABA, Gluten OR Nut oils in it I was even more interested in it!

Personally, since my husband has such an extremely high risk of skin cancer we also look for dermatologist recommended sunscreen.

Even the Sensitive sunscreen has both Titanium Dioxide AND Zinc Oxide! And of course ALL of their products provide coverage for both UVA and UVB protection.

Blue Lizard Sunscreen

My family spends a LOT of time out in the sun every year as we are a huge outdoors family. Sunscreen isn’t just for swimming or the beach (although the Blue Lizard Regular and Sports sunscreen offers 80 minutes of water resistant protection).

You really should be using a full spectrum sunscreen anytime you are spending time outdoors. And yes you can even wear it under your makeup!

Sun Safety Tips for Kids

Here are some SUN SAFETY TIPS our family has incorporated into our time outdoors:

  1. Apply sunscreen regularly when outdoors. Don’t forget areas like the back of ears, necks, noses, and tops of feet! If you have little to no hair make sure to put sunscreen on your head as well! Blue Lizard is a safe sunscreen and is great because it is chemical free and not tested on animals.
  2. Wear a hat. Whether or not you are a hat person the best way to protect your head (other than slather it with sunscreen) is to wear a hat! My kids throw on a baseball cap when we head to the park too!
  3. Sit in the shade. Although it’s not always possible to camp out in the shade and you’ll still get some sun exposure the less in the direct sun you are the better.
  4. SPF Clothing. Especially if you have a high family risk of skin cancer you might want to consider investing in special SPF clothing. I will warn you, it’s not cheap! But even just purchasing one or two shirts to have on hand for those extra long days in the sun (in addition to sunscreen!) will really give you the ultimate protection!
  5. Cover your arms. I totally get it – no one wants to wear MORE clothing when it’s already so hot outside! But you can find breezy cover ups and very light weight shirts or rash guards to cover up your arms that are surprisingly not that hot!

Blue Lizard Sunscreen Collage

My kids noticed right away that our Blue Lizard bottle of sunscreen turned from WHITE to BLUE sitting in the sun! AND the caps on our Face and Sport sunscreen turned blue as well. These Smart Bottle™ color changes are super cool and remind me that even while they are sitting on my dining room table next to the back door they are still getting UV light exposure which means I am too!

Normally I throw out all of our sunscreen each year and buy fresh every year to ensure that they are working properly – but Blue Lizard sunscreens have a THREE year expiration date from its manufacture date. I LOVE that because I’m not literally throwing away money every year just because we didn’t finish a bottle!

AND GUESS WHAT?! Blue Lizard ALSO has a sunscreen fundraising program! How awesome is that? Raise money for your school and teach kids about the importance of sun protection at the same time! You can contact them through their website for more information on their program.

We haven’t spent an entire season using Blue Lizard yet as spring is just getting started here but I can’t wait to try it out for an extended period of time! We’ve used it a few times and have really liked it so far. I feel good knowing that it’s chemical free and free of a lot of the junk in regular store bought sunscreens. Plus my kids love the color changing bottles so that’s a bonus!

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  1. love the color changing bottles! My mommy brain needs all the reminders I can get!

  2. Kris Stewart says:

    I haven’t used Blue Lizard products, but I’d love to try them out!

  3. I love this brand of sunscreen!

  4. Beth Schieferdecker says:

    I have been looking for a good sunscreen for my kiddos. We all have sensitive skin, so I look forward to checking this out!

  5. Thanks! Can’t wait to try it!

  6. My favorite! Have been using the baby sunscreen on kids forever!!! Probably the best sunscreen on the market!

  7. Abbie keel says:

    would love this for my sensitive skin!

  8. I am a great sunscreen user! I have very light skin and bright red hair, so you can see why I use lots of sunscreen. I lather it on my son too! Thanks for the chance to win!!! I would love to try the blue lizard line!

  9. I love Blue Lizard! I break out when I use sunscreen, but I have not had any problems with Blue LIzard after using it for 2 years. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!


  10. Lori Warren says:

    I’ve used Blue Lizard for years. It’s the Only sunscreen I trust on my children.

  11. I haven’t tried Blue Lizard yet, but the reviews sound great and I’ve been looking for a new sunscreen, especially for my face.

  12. Erin Ellis says:

    I have used Blue Lizard products, and I love them! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  13. Jill Brown says:

    love this stuff – buy a fresh bottle or two every summer – living on the coast of Florida sunscreen is a MUST – this is the Only product that does not burn my face especially after reapply in the sun and surf! Will never be with out it !

  14. After a skin cancer scare in the fall, I’m excited to try a new sunscreen. I’m not taking any chances with my baby or me this summer!

  15. eileen marie says:

    I’ve never heard of Blue Lizard, but their products sound great. I apply sunscreen to my face daily, even in winter.

  16. My oldest daughter was diagnosed with Melanoma at the age of 21. We are vigilant about sunscreen now!

  17. Lisa Navarro says:

    I remember using this years ago when my littler new as a toddler and liked it. It was recommended by our pediatrician . Our store stopped carrying it and I just used other stuff. I would LOVE to win this and now try it out with my second child and see how this works again and for all our kids. We are a very fair skin family and have to use lots of sunscreen. Thanks for the opportunity.

  18. melanoma sucks! Protect your skin! -stage 3 Malignant Melanoma Warrior & Adovocate

  19. Gretchen Paules says:

    After using other highly rated waterproof sunscreens at the beach one year, I still burnt to the point my skin broke open like an overripe tomato. I knew I had to find an alternative that would protect my fair complexion. Blue Lizard is that solution. I’ve been using Blue Lizard ever since that day and it’s been a lifesaver. I recommend it to all my friends and relatives and they love the results. It’s truly a superior product and one I wish was locally available in stores near me. For now I will settle for ordering it online.

  20. I have never used Blue Lizard, but I would love to try it! I am pretty good about putting sunscreen on my kids but not as good on myself. I need to remember my skin also.

  21. I have never used Blue Lizard, but I would love to try it! I am pretty good about putting sunscreen on my kids but not as good on myself. I need to remember my skin also. What a fun and useful prize!

  22. Sandra Bryant says:

    We love Blue Lizard and can’t say enough about this product. It is the only product I use on my sensitive skin daughter and she doesn’t burn!!!! Our dermatologist recommended it for her because she is high risk for skin cancer and is allergic to a popular brand. We have been using it for several years now. It is worth every penny of its price.

  23. love Blue lizard sensitive! Would love to try the others!

  24. I’m a faithful sunscreen user, all year, from early in the morning til late. I haven’t used Blue Lizard yet, I’m very interested in trying it! It sounds excellent!

  25. Sara Campbell says:

    Sunscreen myself and my babies every day!!

  26. I have not tried Blue Lizard, but I want to!

  27. I’ve never used it before, but would like to try this great product

  28. Angela Saver says:

    I have never used Blue Lizard, but can’t wait to try it as we use a lot of sunscreen in our family!

    [email protected]

  29. Melissa W says:

    I am a redhead and am a diligent sunscreen user!

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