Elmer’s Polymers Classroom Lesson Plan Kit

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Disclosure: I received the below Classroom Lesson Plan from Elmer’s. All opinions are my own.

Over the holiday break is the perfect time for my kids to get some hands-on learning and fun so we excited to get a first-hand sticky look at Elmer’s “The World of Glue: An Investigation into Adhesives”. It came with 3 bottles of Elmer’s glues, The World of Glue Lesson Plan with re-printable classroom material, and the adorable book Too Much Glue written and signed by Jason Lefebvre.

The book Too Much Glue is SO adorable and is about a boy who loves glue probably more than anyone I’ve ever seen! It was a lot of fun to read with the kids and set a great precedence for our investigation of polymers. Plus the Elmer’s The World of Glue book included polymer activities as well as printable sheets that you can copy for classroom use which correspond with the book!

Elmer's Polymer Glue Classroom Lesson

We’ve made plenty of slime and putty before using glue and borax but we found a slime recipe in the booklet that we had never made before so we decided to try it out! Just mix 2 Tbsp. of cornstarch, and 2 Tbsp. of water, then slowly add and mix 8 Tbsp. of Elmer’s glue. The kids wanted to use the glittery school glue that Elmer’s sent us so that their slime was glittery. Our slime turned a yellowish color!

I have to say, it was definitely slime! It was VERY ooey gooey sloppy slime! If you’re making it in a classroom I definitely recommend the kids using a craft stick or something to play with the slime instead of their hands – it took a serious amount of cleaning up afterwards! That or just make a regular slime, gak, or putty recipe with your glue! BUT this slime was great for creating and “painting” their own pictures!

The slime also was perfect to create while teaching the kids about polymers. The Lesson Plans included in our set are great for classroom discussion and activities. It is full of prompts for discovery and the science behind the goo. You can find more teacher resources for this polymer lesson at Elmer’s The World of Glue page.

Check it out! This polymer slime mix can even make a plate stick to our hands! This set was a lot of fun and you could definitely expand it further out into so many lessons and activities if you needed! Thanks to Elmer’s they have offered one kit for one of my readers to win!

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  1. Jacqueline Sleeper says:

    So, I haven’t had time to do a fun activity with my preschoolers. We have been so busy with assessments and I would love to do something fun with them that they will enjoy.

  2. The last thing we experimented with was gingerbread oobleck. messy and fun!

  3. Christina Collinsworth says:

    Wow I had never heard of that book.. I hope I win so I can read that book with my students. The last experiment we did was Sink or Float Candy Bars. We used our Halloween candy to find out which chocolate bars sink and which float! Kit Kats float, but crunch bars sink.. It was very interesting!

  4. Alberto Perez says:

    Last experiment was a solar-powered portable desalination device. It actually worked, but did not provide sufficient water for consumption.

  5. We did the egg experiment in vinegar where the shell disappears.

  6. Rachel Evers says:

    We took pumpkin seeds from our carved pumpkins and placed them in wet paper towels to watch them sprout. Then we put them in soil and compared two plants; one we watered with plain water, the other we watered with sugar water (as from the book “The Biggest Pumpkin Ever”. We noticed only a slight growth difference. I LOVE doing science and wish we had more time to do big projects. This one would be GREAT> I have seen the book and would, of course, love to own it! 🙂 thank you so much!

  7. Karen Palmer says:

    The last experiment that I did with my students was with vinegar, eggs, and food coloring. They got to see the shell of the egg diasppear and the good coloring go into the other layers of the egg…all through osmosis. My group if 6th, 7th, & 8th grade extra challenged kids loved it.

  8. Rachel Harting says:

    The last science experiment I did with my kids was demonstrating how liquids and solids can make a gas. We mixed vinegar and baking soda in an empty water bottle and inflated a balloon. We also made our own bubble solution and blew *HUGE* bubbles outside.

    1. Amanda A. says:

      Rachel, what did you use to make your own bubble solution?

  9. Vickie Witt says:

    The last science experiment we did was making ooblek! My students love getting goopy!

  10. I teach special Ed and the kids live hands on activities !! The last science project that I did was on how the weight and make up if an item determines if it sinks or floats .

  11. Maureen Riordan says:

    The last experiments I did with my students was actually four experiment stations. Station one had density bottles, station 2 had sinking and floating, station 3 had them engineering towers with paper cups and sheets of copy paper and station 4 had them engineering machines with k’nex and gears, gears, gears. The students rotated between all four stations.

  12. Jennifer Dawson says:

    In 3 grade science we did the web chain using yarn. Each child had the name of something in the ecosystem on a name tag. The yarn was held and thrown to something that interacted with their name tag. We then talked about the web and looked at what happens if the ecosystem changes by having one child drop their string.

  13. I work in a special education classroom with 5 intermediate aged students on the spectrum. I believe the last experiment we did involved putting vinegar in a water bottle and baking soda in a balloon. Then you place the balloon over the top of the water bottle, and let the king soda fall in. The gases fill up the balloon it was quite popular with a couple of our students.

  14. Amanda A. says:

    The last science experiment I did with my class of three year olds was while we were learning about dental health. We put one egg in a cup of water, one in a cup of soda, and one in a cup of milk. I asked the children what they thought might happen and we took a few notes. We did this first part on a friday. On monday we reviewed our ideas and revealed what really happened to each egg. I was amazed to hear from parents that their kids refused to drink soda after this lesson because “it would make their teeth brown and ugly.” Hehe

  15. We did a surface tension experiment with pepper and different types of soap.

  16. We sprouted pumpkin seeds in plastic baggies. We had watered seeds, no water, with sun, and without sun.

  17. Stephanie says:

    The last experiment we did was seeing which item would dissolve…salt, sugar, etc.

  18. regina marie r lu says:

    I dont know if this contest is exclusive for US and i’m from the philippines but i’m giving it a try. Our last experiment was about forming clouda with hot water,containers and hair spray.

  19. Terkedia Morgan says:

    The last experiment I did with my Biology students was demonstrating how the cell membrane was selectively permeable using a Ziploc bag, iodine, and cornstarch.

  20. Christal Walton says:

    The last experiment my class completed was the layers of the earth and density using oil, water, and corn syrup.

  21. Kim Beasley says:

    We made GAK, and the kids loved the experience! We used glue, borax, water and cream of tartar. They want to make it again soon, and I’m thinking of making it clear with glitter—viola! Snow!

  22. Lynn Wagner-Smith says:

    We recently did a lesson on matter taking up space. We were talking about sink and float. My students questioned why certain items floated and others did not. An example of this is the pumice stone. We discussed how air gets trapped in the holes. The kids had a hard time with it until I showed them that air will also take up space, even if you cannot see it. So our experiment was taking a large bowl of water that is clear and putting a dry paper towel in the bottom of a cup. Then turning the cup upside down submerging it evenly into the water. When you lift it out the paper towel is still dry. The kids were amazed! Then we progressed into tilting the cup when submerged. I asked the students what came out and they were so excited to tell it was bubbles. They were then able to say that the bubbles are air! It was enthralling to see their enthusiasm for learning!

  23. just finished up Lunar Olympics with my group.. onto matter next and this would be perfect!!

  24. Wendy mathews says:

    Last thing we did was sugar rock crystals

  25. Brittni Taylor says:

    The last experiment I did with my students was about the states of matter. I made colored ice cubes, and after watching a music video about the states of matter on YouTube (Mr. Parr’s channel. If you haven’t already checked it out, DO IT! He’s amazing!), the kids had to form hypotheses, make observations, and write what really happened as the colored cubes were placed in cups of steaming hot water. The kids loved seeing the red cubes dissolve in the water, and drew great illustrations of the experiment! They also did an excellent job of relating the physical change to the molecular level (my advanced students). After that, we played a game where the kids had to act as “molecules” in different forms of matter. When I would call out a solid, they would rock back and forth while standing in one spot. When I called out liquid, they walked around the room. When I called out a gas, they ran around the room quickly. Such a great day of science and fun for my kids! Can’t wait to teach this lesson again, and add more to it!!! 🙂 would love to have this Elmer’s kit, so I can use it creatively in my classroom!

  26. The last experiment we did in class was growing Lima beans out of zip top bags. I placed them against the window and had the kids observe, draw, and write about their plants, daily. It was quite a ‘race’ daily to see whose plants were taller!

  27. Lindsey Korbin says:

    The last experiment I did with my Kindergartners was on magnets. We tested different items (pennies, erasers, metal spoons, bolts, etc…) to see which ones were attracted to the magnet.

  28. Karen Garland says:

    Fortunately, I teach science for grades K – 5 at my elementary school. The last think I taught kindergarten was using their senses as we investigated homemade snow. First grade compared mint leaves and a candy cane through a hands-on investigation; second grade made borax crystal snowflakes as part of their states of matter unit; third grade is investigating rocks and soil; fourth grade did a bubblegum investigation; and fifth grade completed a dichotomous key on snowflakes. All fun and all hands-on!!! I LOVE science and getting to teach it everyday!!! Thanks for letting us know about this great resource!

  29. Cathy Smith says:

    An investigation of magnets was the last experiments my class did.

  30. Betsy Brown says:

    We haven’t had a lot of time to do science experiments, but we were able to do some investigations during our Gingerbread Man unit. We had a float/won’t float session where the students were given different types of food coverings; aluminum foil, waxed paper, and saran-type. They designed rafts to get the gingerbread man across the river safely. They had a blast. Sadly, the poor gingerbread did not have quite as much fun.

  31. christina a. says:

    Build and fly airplanes experimenting with variables.

  32. Lanita McClain says:

    we use Quirkles and do an experiment each week. This week made the rubber ball from glue. It was a lot of fun.

  33. We made polymer balls, which ended up more like silly putty.

  34. Terry Davis says:

    The last science experiment was to create tornado-in-a-bottles. Preschoolers love to add different objects to the bottles the see how fast they have to spin the bottle in order to lift everything off the bottom.

  35. Stephenie says:

    I love this idea. I would love to read this to my second graders during our next science lesson changes. This would be so much fun!!!

  36. We did the celery with colored water.

    1. Kelly harrison says:

      The most recent experiment we did was making “snow playdoh” via a recipe I found on Pinterest. We combined the ingredients (flour, water, salt, vegetable oil, cream of tarter, and super fine glitter) and cooked them on stovetop. The kids enjoyed measuring and watching the transformation. We ended with perfect dough. The following day our Elf on the Shelf brought some Magic Elf Seeds (tic tacs), which she instructed we plant in a pot of the snow playdoh. The following morning, candy canes grew in the place of the seeds! Now, that was a little make pretend science, but they enjoyed watching the reaction of the candies in the playdoh, which created the color of the tic tacs to rub off in a liquid form!

  37. We made lava lamps on a bottle.

  38. Pamelafour says:

    We painted tissue paper with watered down glue and observed how they dry. The paper
    changes color and dries hard. They would love this!

  39. We have been studying Earth’s Place in Space. We did a lunar lab in which we used Oreo cookies to represent the different phases of the moon. The kids thought it was the best thing in the “Milk”y Way!

  40. This month we explored science with paper mache, snow globes, vanilla scented shaving cream, snow in the sensory table, coloring snow with markers, and watching snowballs melt. They are due for a messy, goopy experiment.

  41. We made play dough, how kitchen items and liquids and flour can create a solid form and fun

  42. Polly Wilson says:

    The last experiment I did with my 7/8 graders was a super saturated sugar solution. We created a sugar solution which should have turned into rock candy. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. The sugar solution molded instead. Obviously, the solution didn’t get to the right temperature. So we must do it over. You learn more from what doesn’t work.

  43. We grew different plants in a glove to see the life cycle of a plant from the beginning.

  44. Thecatfar says:

    We put Ivory soap in the microwave! Then we crumbled it up, added food coloring a water and made new holiday soaps for the kids to take home. It was so neat watching the soap blow up in the microwave. You’ve got to try it. 1/4 a bar of Ivory soap is all you need!

  45. rod jackson says:

    We just discovered which type of tape would hold the most washers
    mrsrodjac at hotmail dot com

  46. Every year we read Dr. Seuss book about the ooblek and we make the glue and borax goo. The kids love making it fart. The actual last experiment we did was taking a glass of water, putting a 3×5 card over the top and turn upside down. The pressure holds the card in and the water in. Then we put a paper towel in the bottom of a glass and push it upside down into a bucket of water. The air pressure keeps the paper towel dry. The kiddos are always amazed.

  47. The last experiment I did with my class was dealing with static electricity. We used a balloon to see what it would pick up – salt, pepper, rice krispies and our hair.

  48. The last experiment we did was with surface tension. We used pennies and droppers and counted how many drops of water the surface of a penny could hold before the water spilled over. The kids loved it.

  49. Kimberly Bouch says:

    We measured the temperature of water as some of it sat in the shade and some sat in the sun to see how the sun is a source of energy. We only have only 20 minutes a day for science, so I have to do fun things quick.

  50. Melina Easter says:

    My last experiment involved playing with potential and kinetic energy using rubber bands, balls, balloons, and elevated surfaces.This would be a really neat win since I am now sstrictly language arts. I still love the inquiry involved in science. Tying the book in with that is a real treat!

  51. This looks like a great book. If only a glue fairy come by each week to clear the glue bottles.
    Happy Holidays!

  52. Tina Miller says:

    I made melting snowmen with my class using glue, water and Borax. They had a blast.

  53. Kari Wetmore says:

    I teach science to, two 5th grade classes. We have done some experiments about variables. We have made swingers with pennies but we haven’t done any gooey type experiments yet. My classes would love to try this!

  54. Diahann delgadillo says:

    I LOVE science! My kiddos just did an experiment, creating their own roller coasters, to demonstrate the First law of motion! Science should be fun, engaging, and hands on! I would love the freeby, as my chemistry unit is coming up!! Thanks!!!

  55. Peg Turlington says:

    My third graders worked with magnets and made electromagnets. They had lots of fun doing this. My 4th graders built a catapult using the LEGO book to follow instructions and become true engineers after they were built they added their own touches. 5th graders were working on electricity and made parallel circuits and series circuits and had to figure out which was more useful for different situations. I teach STEM at a 3-5 elementary school with 640 students. I see them all once a week.

  56. We made green slime for Halloween. First graders love it! Thanks!

  57. Duana Shaffer says:

    The last experiment was with Elmer’s glue and shaving cream. We painted snowmen and they looked awesome. My kindergarteners loved them.

  58. I have the book. My kids love it. We had to get the liquid glue out. We had an ice storm. Some of them didn’t realize that ice was water. We took some ice from outside and some from the ice machine. We melted both in our classroom. I teach PK and K.

  59. The last experiment we did in my preschool classroom was observing pumpkin seeds sprout in clear baggies. Our next will involve snow melting/what slides on ice and what doesn’t. The children would love this glue activity!

  60. Pam Lewis says:

    Our last science was experiment was Friday. We added food coloring to sugar and mixed that together to make Grimch dust. A big thanks to Heidi over at swamp frog for first graders for this great idea.

  61. I am a reading teacher but love science and want to share this book with my students! I have done a science experiment with a film canister rocket with anti-acid tablets to teach about gas/ pressure.

  62. We put carrot seeds in a giant glass vase-type thing. In addition to the normal carrot top, we got to see the roots develop and then the carrots grow beneath the soil. Very cool! (We somehow grew one mushroom, too.)

  63. Jane Williams says:

    Last week we mixed corn starch & coconut hair conditioner 2:1 ratio to make smooth & wonderfully smelling putty. When we were done, we stuffed the ball of putty into a balloon & tied it off, making a squishy/stress ball.

  64. The last experiment I did with my kids was to make moon sand. We used baby oil and flour, then we made sand castles like we were at the beach.

  65. My 7th-8th grade science classes learned about oobleck. They thought that it was so cool that it was both a solid and a liquid! They couldn’t wait to try this at home with their parents!

  66. We tore apart a disposable diaper and soaked it in water to study polymers. Kids loved the stuff.

  67. The last experiment we did was with cornstarch and water. It was a great sensory time for my students. We would love to read the book and experiment with glue !

  68. We experimented with candy canes and what happens in water and in oil. We talked about the scientific process.
    Too Much Glue looks like a great book for the introduction to make oobleck.

  69. I did the Borax and hot water experiment. The kids loved seeing the crystals form! Then we looked at the crystals through our Zoomie microscope and we got to see all the rainbows etc! Such fun!

  70. Aaron Getzik says:

    I teach 2nd grade. We are leading about force and movement. We had balloon races on string.

  71. Lara Barrera says:

    We tried to prove that acid rain damages or kills aquatic plants.

  72. Katherine Bone says:

    Our last experiment was making oobleck! Messy fun is the best!!

  73. Jennifer Robbins says:

    With all of the assessments we haven’t had much time for science experiments. We did do an experiment to explore the properties of a mixture using iron filings and aquarium sand. The students made the mixture then had to figure out a way too separate the ingredients again. They loved it and would LOVE this gooey experiment!

  74. The last science expirement I did with my class was Rube Goldberg Machines. We linked simple machines together to make chain reactions. Then we video taped them. The kids and I had a blast.

  75. We did the candy cane experiment!

  76. The last experiment we did in 2nd grade was using a flash light, globe, and play dough to discuss rotation and revolution of the earth.

  77. The last science experiment I did was with magnets and having students determine what the magnets would attract.

  78. The last science experiment I did was with my first graders and how you only need three key ingredients to grow a seed: water, sunlight, and air. So much fun to do. The kids were stunned that they didn’t need soil or fertilizer to start growing

  79. That looks like fun!

  80. Shannon Wyckoff says:

    My last science experiment was seeing how fast ice felts using different containers.

  81. eileen marie says:

    I teach 4th & 5th grade science, plus I run an after school science club, so I have one experiment or another hoping most days lol! Last thing we did was build roller coasters to study the laws of physics! They did a great job, & we had a blast!

  82. The last experiment we did was testing the effect friction has on the movement of a toy car. The students enjoyed making predictions and then testing to see if their prediction was right.

  83. The last experiment we did was looking at how the amount of water affected the growth of our pumpkin plants. We would love to read the book and experiment with glue!

  84. Christy Flynn says:

    The last eeriment we did was to grow borax crystal Christmas ornaments. It was a ton of fun!

  85. Teresa Lee says:

    I teach 8th grade students with intellectual disabilities. We made fossils with clay, plaster, and found objects.

  86. Cindy Kirkpatrick says:

    I teach 1st thru 4th. The last experiment we did was put vinegar in rocks to see if they were limestones. The kids lived it. The one before that was using a flashlight to shine on a ball and the kids act like planets walking and turning around the sun. Before that, I think we made Oobleck!

  87. K. Hottinger says:

    Before exploring the letter “B” with my 24 kinders this year, I visited our local bird sanctuary and used my pleading teacher skills to secure an owl pellet. We dissected this in class and had an awesome time talking about other birds.
    I would sneak in a “do not use too much glue” lesson, as well as fun writing activities.
    Thanks for the awesome opportunities!

  88. The last investigation we did in my 2nd grade class was a water cycle experiment, but the best/worst investigation so far this year was a candy sink or swim the day after Halloween, which was a Friday afternoon and my administrator came in and observed me!!!!! Haha! Needless to say the kids had a blast and learned a lot… I on the other hand was very glad when that day had ended!!!!!

  89. The last science project my 2nd graders did was to sprout bean and popcorn seeds for our plant unit. They loved the idea of growing their own popcorn plants!

  90. Love to do science experiments with the grand kids! Last one was the baking soda/vinegar for our paper mâché volcano. This sounds like a good one! Our fingers are crossed!

  91. That is a new to me book, would love to have!

  92. Tammy Flynn says:


  93. We have planted potato skins and are watching them grow.

  94. We just started planting

  95. Rennie Dotson says:

    The last experiment we did was making slime with borax and glue. The kids loved it!

  96. My preschool class recently explored magnetic and not magnetic using many differnt holiday decorations. For example the jingles bells were magnetic but the tinsel was not. the colored paper clip chain was magnetic, the candy canes were not. We also have a huge mixing bowl with a magnetic spoon. and in the bowl are marbles, dry pasta, dry rice, decorative erasers, and a few metal objects which will adhere to the magnetic spoon.

  97. I teach 3rd grade and love Science. Imy class made flubbed to show a chemical change. They loved it and cunderstood the process.

  98. We make slime with the kids. They really love it.

  99. We germinate seeds and plant them for Mother’s Day.

  100. We did an esperiment with cornstarch and glue. lots of fun

  101. The last science experiment I did with my preschoolers was with white carnations, and water with red food coloring; and another vase with green food coloring in the water When the science experiment was over the children used the red and green carnations as part of the Christmas gift for their mother’s.

  102. kortney Picker says:

    We like to do art work/crafting more than science experiments (because of the age of my daughter) but I do like to do experiments with my class and the last one we did was making bouncy balls with elmers glue, but they didn’t quite turn out the way we hoped they would!!

  103. Pam armstrong says:

    We grow crystals using pipe cleaners, very hot water (adults only) and borax laundry soap. Very cool and the kids love to watch them grow.

  104. Lori Thomas says:

    The last experiment we did was Rock Crystals. This looks like a lot of fun!!

  105. The last glue experiment I did with my students was GAK! It was really fun! I would love that glue book! My students always use waaaay too much glue!

  106. The science experiment I did with my 5th grade class was to grow plants in terrariums made from recycled soda bottles.

  107. Marie Gabrielsen says:

    The last science observation we worked on was about condensation. Using an aluminum can filled with ice, water and a bit of food coloring, we found that the water that formed on the outside of the can was not green like the water on the inside of the can. The kids love any science experiments or observation opportunities.

  108. Kimberly Schotz says:

    We made Scribble Crayons last week

  109. Today we cracked open flower eggs, watered them, and set them in the window with hopes that they will grow. We also started growing a crystal. The Elmer glue pack looks like a lot of FUN!

  110. Celia Mcnece says:

    I am a first year teacher and have not done any experiments. I would love for this to be my first.

  111. Carole Birdsong says:

    I have not heard of that book. I would love to win this giveaway…as I am almost out of glue in my classroom! The last science experiment was when I taught my students about the water cycle. I made it “rain” in the classroom. I heated up water in an electric teapot and let the watervapor condense on a ice covered cookie sheet. The students didn’t believe that I could make it rain inside! lol

  112. My son and I experimented with baking soda and vinegar for some explosions!

  113. Jeanellen Henry says:

    The experiment we did was dropping food coloring into milk and then dipping a toothpick in dish washing detergent and putting the toothpick into the milk. Watching the children’s reaction to the swirling colors was priceless. Used this with the book Strega Nona. Sent directions home and received lots of positive comments from parents.

  114. Christine Cameron says:

    We have had Chemistry Day at my Pre-K in Pittsburgh, Pa. The children mix various materials together and then document what happens. We have mixed baking soda and vinegar and changed up the liquid to see if something similar would happen. We have added oil to the original experiment and floated oil and baking soda droplets on water and then added some colored vinegar to make mini colored explosions! I am also part of the Science Development Team for our program and would LOVE to try out the glue experiments mentioned from Elmers.

  115. Ivette Furbish says:

    In culmination of our polar animals unit, we dropped ice cubes in regular water and salt water and hypothesized which would melt first. My little scientist had a blast using stop watches and thermometers during our experiment.

  116. Angieofoz says:

    The last experiment we did was working with ivory soap and it getting larger in the microwave. I did this at home with my kids not at school. My classroom has been working with weather and we have discovery bottles they can explore hands on to see what a tornado would look like. But this glue looks so increadibly fun. Yay.

  117. we made volcanos for landforms using clay, mentos and soda and exploded them this would be great too for my first graders

  118. Just found your site. It is wonderful. I teach second and third grade. We unfortunately have little time for science. We have explored osmosis through gummy bears. Our next project will be the color wheel…unless we are lucky enough to win!!!!!

  119. Juli moss says:

    We planted flowers. This looks like so much fun.

  120. map download says:

    Materials for Teaching English | American English

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